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The Lazarus Project


No-one talking about/watching this?

It's pretty great, sort of high end spy fiction with a ground hog day like conceit but also quite funny and a protagonist who is very likeable even as ... well, you'd have to watch.

it lays out its single sci-fi conceit pretty quickly then explores all the ramifications of it - essentially they can reset time back to the same fixed time point in the year, and the team can remember everything that's happened even as everyone else forgets (some because it's an ability they're born with, others have had a serum)- but, of course, rebooting the planet is very very costly and so, it's a trick they only pull when there's an 'extinction level event'.

I think if you liked Ultraviolet or Slow Horses you might enjoy this.

Started watching it this week.  To be honest it kind of loses steam every once in a while but overall moves along nicely.  The one thing that it does have going for it is a very dry, sardonic wit.  There are so many cracking lines ...

"How does it [the time machine] work then?"
"You got a degree in quantum physics?"
"Er, no ..."
"Not a lot of point in me trying to explain it then, is there?"

Never seen Ultraviolet and couldn't get on with Slow Horses.  This however, works well.


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