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Lettering with Illustrator: A Guide to Download!

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Necropost! For the first time in an age, I've done a new blog post. Although it's a very specific workflow tip, it's a good one. Pretty much any letterer who's working in Illustrator will have experienced the tedium of exporting a book's worth of EPS files and then having to open each one up individually to delete the artwork from every page…

Well, not any more!

Ooh, I don't work that way - but I can see that being a nifty thing to remember.

That 'Select All on Active Artboard' is really useful. If you want to submit live AI files somewhere (which isn't my preferred option, but some publishers insist on getting files that way) and want to clear the pasteboard area around the actual lettering, you can record an action that goes:

* Select -> All on Active Artboard
* Select -> Inverse
* Delete
Voila — everything not on the actual page is gone.


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