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Predator vs Dredd vs Aliens

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Bat King:
Loved it - not re-read either story since publication.

Stays true to Dredd & true to Predator & Aliens. Great art.

Full review on my blog

at £25 this will have to be under the Huffmas tree  :'(


--- Quote from: Proudhuff on 06 October, 2014, 06:54:43 PM ---at £25 this will have to be under the Huffmas tree  :'(

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Maybe we should have a forum secret santa and just let the droid give us stuff like this?


I read the Alien team-up recently, for the first time since it was in 2000ad. It's a six parts too-long version of the standard Dredd monster story, like Cry Of The Werewolf (good) or Nosferatu (not as good), but with Giger's alien doing a special guest star cameo, like Patrick McGoohan on Columbo.

Wagner's described being bored by the limitations of the Alien and Predator stories * so, like Michael Carroll's recent Goblin King story, there are sympathetic rookie judges who have to prove themselves and Undercity-dwelling villains with roles in wider Dredd continuity to extend the story beyond a 26 page punch-up between Dredd and the Xenomorph. Mr Bones gives Henry Flint a chance to see how his Zombo/Nimrod designs will look on the page, and I like the way all his shit plans to conquer the city involve using essentially quite unpredictable classic movie monsters. Maybe he set Dredd up with The Mummy in Book Of The Dead.

The Verminators quickly reveal themselves to be the team of mis-matched professionals with their own distinctive verbal shorthand every Alien story seems to have at its centre. The only difference is that their role here isn't central; they're peripheral characters who don't get the page-space necessary to emerge as individuals before they go splat, because Dredd has to do all the big action stuff and Sanchez has to stuff up so she can eventually win Dredd's respect and round off the story. I'm not sure why they weren't just the usual mix of mouthy-judge, rebel-judge, and judge-with-a-secret who populate other Team Dredd stories.

* "some characters are a pain from the word go. I call them ‘who cares’ stories. Every picture you write, every scene you try to force yourself to dream up, you’re asking yourself why am I DOING this? Stories like Aliens and Predator, for instance. Both are ‘one-joke’ stories. They have one controlling idea and when that’s been written you can only repeat yourself" (http://homepage.eircom.net/~okku/scifi/jwagner.htm)

Bat King:
Well yes to John Wagner the stories are corporate tie-in stories that have to fit both the Dredd & the paired movie. So I imagine it was a grind for him. The result though I found fun.


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