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Just stumbled across this little piece of new, an Apex edition of Bolland's work!


Nice.  If they decide to do the same for the Apocalypse War then I'm selling my granny!

Colin YNWA:
Wow well that will be quite something. I imagine in the £100+ bracket so the only question will be can I justify the expense. This will sorely tempt me.

I'm a little surprised its happening as the Zenith Apex didn't seem to do too way - based purely on the fact its still around* and has been on 50% sale a couple of times - I know I broke when it was half price. Might well have been expected and I've no idea how many were printed AND it was just after another premium Zenith edition which might have dampened its market (all very much ????) ... so who knows.

Mind Bolland has a much wider recognistion and this will be a thing of beauty. So good luckk to Rebellion tracking down the art and I look forward to details of price and what not in the future.

*Actually this is no longer correct as it now seems to have sold out in the store.

Colin YNWA:
Oh and this article is primarily serving as a call for original art that Rebellion can scan. So if any of you are lucky enough to own any of these:

2000 AD Prog 110 (‘Punks Rule’) pages 5, and 6
2000 AD Prog 120 (‘Forever Crimes’) pages 1, 2, and 5
2000 AD Prog 182 (‘Block War’) pages 3, and 5
2000 AD Prog 224 (‘Judge Death Lives’) pages 1, 2, 4, 5, 6
2000 AD Prog 225 pages 1, 2, 3
2000 AD Prog 226 pages 1, 2, 3, 6
2000 AD Prog 227 pages 1, 2 and 4
2000 AD Prog 228 pages 1, 2
2000 AD Prog 244 (‘Block Mania’) pages 1, 2, 4, 5, 6

Well firstly I hate you and secondly get in touch with Rebellion  so they can get this produced!

Now this is something I'd love to see!

It'll be veeeery interesting to see which (if any) pages of artwork manage to get rescanned - I'd imagine some of them might be the infamous lost/stolen Bolland art?

I'm gonna stop there, because with every word I type this is sounding more and more like a Magaverse* Farcebook post... :o

*(that was a typo, but I've left it as it works better)

Max Headroom:
Woolly - What's the story with the infamous lost/stolen art?


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