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: Stanic Mojo Comix #7 up on Indiegogo
: sintec 03 October, 2020, 12:49:25 PM

"designed, in look and feel, as a tribute to the classic underground comix like Zap & Slow Death. We have taken inspiration from the undergrounds themselves as well as the Weird pulps and, pre-code, golden comics, especially EC comics. Aficionados of underground comix will find that Satanic Mojosits especially well between, Last Gasp favourites, Skull & Leather Nun.

Our main recurring characters have been Lester Starbeard, Veronicka ‘High Priestess’, ‘Kid’ James Bonny & Rupert Franklin the Third. A gang of occultist, hippy freaks who share a Victorian townhouse in 1960s San Francisco.

Issue 7 goes deeper than ever before into the story of Lester Starbeard we see how he and his pals experience their very own death of the sixties moment in “Panhandle Pandemonium” the tale of a Black Acid* freak-out at a free festival gone wrong. "

I picked up issues 2-6 of this at a music festical last year. It's utterly batshit crazy and definitely not suitable for children or the easily offended. If you don't like grotesque devils, over the top gore and an abundance of nudity and sex in your comics then this really isn't for you.