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Author Topic: Just Because  (Read 1776 times)

Gary James

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Just Because
« on: 23 February, 2020, 09:41:16 PM »
My personal blog

A great deal of things I've seen in reports (picking up as much info as I can from Wired and other trusted sources), especially when "the death of home media" articles kick off, seem as if they are aimed at mocking me - for reasons which will become apparent over the next week. I've actually gone back and forth a whole bunch of times on whether I should let the cat out of the bag, and if I state that (nearly) all will be revealed over the next week, then I can't chicken out and revert the posts back to drafts.

Gods, I can't help myself - once I started typing it all came out. Well... I haven't said just how much I've sold off over the last few years. All the golden age comics are sold, save for a handful of talking animal titles, and Sugar & Spike, and the vast majority of my silver age collection has either been sold or earmarked for sale. I've held on to the Charlton and Gold Key stuff for reasons which even I'm not sure any more. I think I'm down to around a dozen classic Penguin books from the original collection...

Now, I was originally going to stick the link in my post footer, but do I really want everyone to click through regularly and see how ambitious my plans for the next couple of years are? I'm kind of dreading posting things openly as it is, but having everyone aware that I'm throwing all my money - and a huge chunk of time - at three things which are so experimental is just nerve-wracking.

So instead there is this post. Which will, hopefully, sink out of sight. I can hold my hands up and say that I'm not hiding anything any more, but I don't have to carry around a cardboard sign around my neck stating "I'm nuts." Or something. It really all does make perfect sense inside my head, but whether the coming posts read as sane and deliberated is another matter entirely.

And if you need a 2000AD connection in there somewhere, Sláine was undoubtedly an influence on the fantasy script. If the idea behind the computer game can be laid at Warren's feet, the film is all Tharg's fault. I'm not sure where the book gets its style from... Umberto Eco perhaps. It is said slightly in jest that there is anyone to point to as originators of the ideas currently running through my brain, but a lot of the notions are from "why didn't they do _____ instead?" questions.

I honestly only have myself to blame.