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Author Topic: Argumentation  (Read 4044 times)

Dog Deever

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Re: Argumentation
« Reply #15 on: 20 April, 2021, 09:52:16 PM »
Thanks for your kind words, Dog - that afternoon we spent sitting on those Glaswegian steps in the sunshine with Colin seems a million years ago now. (Where you in the bar when SB, whom I've never met, sat there giving me the evils all night? That was odd!)

Nae probs, LS- aye, it does seem a long time ago now.
I do remember you saying something about him eyeballing you for a while. In such situations, generally, if someone is gonna do something they won't telegraph it, they'll just do it. Mostly it's just bullshit, too much amber nectar (he was pretty minkit by then IIRC) or else some people just look like that anyway.
For example, at the very next con Satanist happily informed me I look like a psycho... which I must admit, though funny at the time, has occasionally played on my mind ever since. Oh well- it's the only face I've got.

On the other hand, poor old SB might have been sitting thinking "why does that fucking guy over there keep eyeballing me?"
I once endured a horrific 'post-gig dossing at a strangers house' near-death experience where I'd been having a good chat about old bands and stuff from back in the day etc. with a guy who had been hoovering Charlie all night like there was no tomorrow. A wee while later he somehow gets it into his head that I'd been 'eyeballing' him (I wasn't, but maybe Satanist is right...) and he gets all coke-paranoid and staring at me constantly and muttering stuff all angry under his breath.
At one point I heard him between songs muttering '...kill you quicker than a fucken bullet..." while staring at me. I got edgy and felt I needed to keep an eye on his movements and not leave myself open to easy assault, as I knew his reputation for violent and unhinged behaviour and felt like I was creeping inexorably closer to a stabby-death in a Govanhell slum for absolutely no reason... aaaand I'm sure you can see how two guys perpetually staring at each other can only escalate.

It could have been something along those lines with SB...

Anywye- sadly, all argumentations must have an end point and this seems like a good spot... there's always a better one lurking round every corner and reheated leftovers hold near-zero thrill power (Mark Millar Robo-Hunter & Mike Fleisher Harlem Heroes, I'm looking at you).

New balls please!
Just a little rough and tumble, Judge man.