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Whats everyone reading?

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Haunted Weather - David Toop
Sound Unbound - Dj Spooky

House of Usher:

--- Quote from: "King Trout" ---Teletext.
--- End quote ---
I always wondered where tomorrow's news came from.  

Colin YNWA:
Currently reading Brooklyn Follies by PAul Auster. Not as good as his other books but still enjoyable.

Comics wise I've almost finished the 2nd Showcase Presents Haunted Tanks volume and will I think move onto the second half of the Giffen / Levitz Legion run before returning to my 2000ad reread at the 800s.

Princess Bride, great film, great book by the way.

Richmond Clements:
lost boy, lost girl byt Peter Straub.
Marvel Essentials Powerman and Iron Fist Vol 1.
Best New Manga Vol 3


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