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--- Quote from: Jade Falcon on 02 July, 2022, 06:57:25 PM ---I am guessing that the books listed are the final ones, we won't be getting another extension?

--- End quote ---

They've not announced anything else yet so right now there are 8 more deliveries (16 books) for subscribers. Of course they could post up tomorrow that they've decided to add another 10-20 books. Not sure how much notice they generally give of these things. List of remaining titles (in no particular order) is:

ABC Warriors vol 8
Strontium Dogs vol 3
Leviathan + Necronauts
Finn Vol 2
Devlin Waugh
Ro-busters vol 1
Ro-busters vol 2
Revere + The Dead
Samantha Slade
Sinister Dexter Vol 5
Sinister Dexter Vol 6
Sinister Dexter Vol 7
<one unknown volume... please be Stickleback vol2>

I sort of hope they add another 20 or so.There's plenty more to add.Be sad to see it go

I think it’s been a great success but the second extension is objectively worse than the first. The question now is what’s left. Diminishing returns? And I mean that in every sense. Subscribers will drift. What’s left in the pot is worse quality fare, for the most part. And those comics will require more effort to get into print.

I’m hard pressed to think of anything beyond Armoured Gideon I’d have bought in another extension, aside from a couple of series being ‘completed’ (most notably Kingdom).

I can’t see enough quality for another 10 books, but if they did extend I’d need to know what would be included to stay onboard

Jade Falcon:
I must admit that I'm really starting to flag.  I'm always looking for new reading material, but I started the second Fall of Deadworld book last night and though I'd been looking forward to it, I'm finding it a bit of a slog.  It's not the most uplifting of material and seems rather chaotic.


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