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--- Quote from: Tomontherun94 on 12 August, 2022, 12:00:18 AM ---How is Blunt overall? Skipped over the 2nd and 3rd series as the first had already finished by the time I started picking up the meg. I’ve really enjoyed Eglington’s work on other series but a fairly recent Dredd-verse meg series feels like a weird inclusion for the collection.

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Like you I missed series one but I did read 2 and 3 when they were in the Meg. From what I've read it seemed fine if not mind blowing. I suspect, much like Returners, it'll read better collected than it did serialised monthly. I suspect the reason for inclusion might be more down to wanting to get a series illustrated by Boo Cook into the collection. His art adorns the spines of every volume but up til now has rarely been on the pages (from my notes looks like just a single ABC Warriors story). Harry Kipling would be too short for a volume so I guess Blunt was the obvious choice.

Just finished both this months books. Samantha Slade really does fall off the rails in the last story. Sinister Dexter on the other hand nicely resets the status quo ready to head into the next arc. Can't wait for the next volume, looking at Barney looks like that's going to be mostly Anthony Williams on art duties which is fine with me.

Bad Andy:
Yeah. Love Boo Cook's work when he burst onto the scene. Have we really not had Asylum?

I'm loving this collection but lord above I get annoyed when certain stories are just left hanging like
- Brass Sun
- Grey Area
- Kingdom

I know it's not the fault of the collection but damn just when I'm really getting into something *boom* End.

I'd love to see Mambo in the collection, I saw her in the 1994 2000 AD advert (On youtube) and she looks cool

Dark Jimbo:

--- Quote from: cropsy13 on 17 August, 2022, 11:57:20 AM ---I'm loving this collection but lord above I get annoyed when certain stories are just left hanging like
- Brass Sun
- Grey Area
- Kingdom

--- End quote ---

I totally agree, but I would say that Grey Area does have a (soft) ending*. Abnett's very good at giving his strips these soft endings before he moves on to something else so that, even if he doesn't go back, the strip does have some measure of ending - it hasn't just stopped dead, or been left on a cliffhanger. I wish he would teach Ian Edginton!

*Kingdom too, but we didn't get that far in the UC.

The nature of the beast, I guess. We had the same with the Dredd collection and Lawless. But it is a pity that Kingdom at least wasn’t taken through to the current final strip. I’ve since bought the relevant trade. Did the same with Lawless, which was even more frustrating, since the Dredd collection contains the first 1.5 books, and I’m not keen on double dipping.

Hmm. Now wondering about Spink & Thackray again, and if they can ‘match up’ to the UC sizes…


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