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Has anyone had any difficulty getting the last two books? My newsagent has come up dry now for a month. Just wondering!

The Monarch:
i dunno if its cause i recently read the robusters stories again but it feels...somehow off with the new info which appeared in this story which added a lot of stuff to the older ones. I mean i know quartz was a piece of shit but faking all the disasters the robusters went on feels too much is it just me that feels that?

also did we really need the finn reference?

I’d forgotten that with Quartz. That really does shift him up from merely hideous corporate shit to some kind of outlandish moustache-twirling Bond villain.

Jade Falcon:
I read Revere, but to be honest I just couldn't enjoy it.  Maybe not the right frame of mind, but it was just too out there.

The Monarch:
okay i finished and that is how one of my fave 2000ad stories end not with a bang but with a fuck you pay me from pat mills. What a let down fallout is i can see why it was not reprinted reading return to ro busters and this next to each other makes you feel like "wait are we missing a book here?" the back matter is also very eye opening too and if i cared about pat these days i would be curious whats in his little nft chapter of his book to see how much bile is inside him

far as i know we have one more mills book in the uc and then that joe pineapples thing and i can happily never think of pat again

god i hate feeling like this about someone who created stuff i love but well.....


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