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Author Topic: Apocalypse War vs. Necropolis - Dredd Epics Ranked - Better! FINALLLLL!!!!!!  (Read 2205 times)

Professor Bear

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As we often moan about every good Epic (why do I keep putting that with a capital?!?) needs to have epilogues to give it real importance

Except, ironically, Necropolis, which instead reads like the epilogue to all the Judge Dredd stories that went before it.


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Oh and I'll be introducing the next tourney...

Best Dredd Epic with the Word 'Tour' In the Title?

Thanks for all the fun Colin, looking forward to the autopsy.

Best story set in the cursed earth?

Rogue Judge

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A deserving top two, I'm happy with this outcome. Thanks again Colin, these contests have been FUN and have prompted some great Case File rereading!

Glad to hear there are more on the way, I'll second a Stront tournament (since Christmas I've almost completed rereading ALL of Strontium Dog, it's fresh in mind and I'm ready to vote...)


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Cheers Colin