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Lawless 2022

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Barrington Boots:
Lovely stuff McFad, thanks for posting! That Rok Dredd has a small touch of the Judda about him.

Link Prime:

--- Quote from: Trooper McFad on 01 June, 2022, 08:30:53 PM ---
Lastly is one of my Fav ABC warriors from Clint Langley - Mongrol - I wish I had seen him at work but I left my Sketch book with him while I was at a couple of panels.

--- End quote ---

The effort Clint puts into convention sketches is unreal.
Top Art Droid and top bloke.

The others are great too, in particular those two by unwavering hand of the Higgins Droid.

Richard S.:
Some of the original art, prints, signatures & more that I got at Lawless

Richard S.:
These are more of my images of some of the original art on display at 'Lawless'

Richard S.:
My final selection of photos of the original art on display Lawless '22 - some great art here


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