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Sideshow Vote II: I molded this piece of clay into a masterpiece

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We all know that the great Carlos Ezquerra created the look of Dredd. Unfortunately, he only draw his first Dredd for prog 5 and mostly took a back seat in the beginning to his own creation. Now the question which artist do you believe was the most influenceable in forming and molding Dredd into the character we know today:
-   Ron Smith
-   Mike McMahon
-   Brain Bolland

Colin YNWA:
Tough one. Favourite is Mick McMahon, but if you are talking influencuial I think its got to be

Brian Bolland

cos Mike was unique!

Ron Smith. The most prolific Dredd artist of the first ten years. Whilst Bolland and McMahon rightly get a lot of credit for developing the look of the character, Smith deserves recognition for nailing the tone of the strip and the way that it can flip from comedy to drama instantly. Also as Daily Star artist, he was the face of Dredd to the wider public for most of the 80s.

The Legendary Shark:


Those Ron Smith and Bolland images aren’t representative of their work IMO. They are too modern for one thing.

Now my favourite ever Dredd artist (well artist full stop) is Bolland.

But did he shape Dredd more than others? I’m not sure.

I don’t think there is any one single artist responsible for the look of Dredd and his world. It’s an amalgamation of them all.

If pushed, I’d have to say Carlos because he designed the character in the first place.

But then Mick drew more early strips than anyone and probably did more to define the look of the city than anyone else.

Not sure who first gave Dredd the bigger shoulder pad and eagle. I guess it might have been Mick.

Oh and I love Ron Smith too. He did a huge amount to define the look of the citizens. Hmmm but so did Mick.


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