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Finally something I've read! As I've mostly enjoyed the Dredd tie-ins it gets my vote. Not read Freaks.

I still cant vote on the majority of these, as I've unfortunately (but sometimes fortunately by the sound of it) haven't read them...yet.

Middenface. I'll take a chance on voting for anything SD related. Zaucer was a little strange for me.

I've wanted to read Bob the Galactic Bum seeing that it's Wagner & Ezquerra. The only reason I know of it's existence is from a commission published in Ezquerra's 2000AD coloring book.

However, another non-vote for me this round as I've read neither.

Mean Machine turned up to 4 boks the competition.

I've not read Bad City Blue but have heard about it in detail  via Space Spinner 2000.

General / Re: Big 2000 AD sale
« on: 28 October, 2021, 06:03:08 PM »
I’ve just had a bundle of Stront delivered from the sale. Now I can read all the stuff I didn’t vote on!

Exciting, love to hear that! What did you get? Nothing quite as good as Strontium Dog, enjoy!

Mayflies. I tend to enjoy most things related to Rogue Trooper, and Coleby's art is always great. Not even heard of Detonator X, unfortunately.

Yes, I love Glimmer Rats! Definitely a favorite thrill. Creepy atmospheric art and tight storytelling. I would like to see more Glimmer Rats, so much potential and untold stories left in the Glimmer.

De'ath Young Death is a great story, loves the art too.

Young Death doesn't count here, that'll be a separate vote later.

Ah gotcha, guess I should read the description more closely! Just Judge Death then, I've read a handful of JD one-offs and have enjoyed them.

De'ath Young Death is a great story, loves the art too.

No worries, thanks Colin - I'll still leave a comment and vote where I can. If anything, this will be a learning and provide direction for thrills I've not read but are worth pursuing.

General / Re: Forthcoming Thrills - 2022
« on: 26 October, 2021, 07:49:00 AM »
The Art of Carlos Ezquerra - Hardback, 240 pages, 10th May 2022
"Carlos Ezquerra's amazing work is collected in this oversized hardcover book, showing off his impressive art that has entranced readers for over 50 years.

Spanning 50 years, this collection of Carlos Ezquerra's comic work begins with samples from such titles as Valentine and Mirabelle, collects never before reprinted short war comics from Battle, shows off his sumptuous colour Strontium Dog art, and culminates with a section on his 2000 AD work and his greatest creation, Judge Dredd."

This is an absolute must, very exciting! Love that it's an oversized hardback too.

I've not read these either...I need more TPBs Tharg!

I've not read either, so shouldn't vote! That isn't to say my vote can't be bought during a close one - just PM me with who you want me to vote for, I accept Galactic Groats and original art droid scribbles  ;)

Great contest Colin, thanks again for running it! Although some of the votes were near impossible, this was the funnest tourney yet. I'm happy for The Killing, a top 3 SD thrill for me anyhow.

Dozens of threads dedicated to Strontium Dog and lots of great conversations about Johnny, Wulf, Carlos etc. A great tribute to Bolt, I think.

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