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Gosh super signing books by Wagner, McMahon & Bolland for cancer research UK


Eamonn Clarke:

Couldn't make it to the Gosh super signing? Didn't fancy standing for 2.5 hours in the midday sun? Well worry not I've got you covered.

The Cursed Earth uncensored paperback version donated by Sheridan Kelly and signed by Bolland, Wagner & McMahon.

Judge Dredd Guatemala limited edition hardback donated by Steve Green, and signed by John Wagner and by Colin MacNeil ( by post).

And for those who like this sort of thing (basically, all of us) Batman The Killing Joke first printing signed on the cover by Bolland.

Also from last week's GFD signing and donated to the cause by Richard Sheaf, an older copy of Rogue Trooper signed by Gerry Finley-Day.

All 99p starts, free postage, and all 100% for the cancer research UK cause. You know the drill, go forth and multiply the auctions.
Thanks, all.

Eamonn Clarke:
All sold for an astonishing £678.89 (someone really wanted that signed Killing Joke)
Bringing the running total to £13,209.42

Next up is a copy of the Sci-Fi special signed by Steve Austin, Paul Cornell, David Baillie & Mike Carroll
and all for the same great cause.


--- Quote from: Eamonn Clarke on 15 August, 2022, 01:18:00 PM ---All sold for an astonishing £678.89 (someone really wanted that signed Killing Joke)

--- End quote ---

Six hundred pounds for that Killing Joke - not bad considering you were only asking for 99p!

Eamonn Clarke:
Yup, £505 on that one.
Thanks to Sheridan, Richard, and Steve for the donations.


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