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Colin YNWA:
Smaller haul this time - well in terms of comics at least - also got Battle Action Special, new edition of Grendel Omnibus 1 AND new Lawless trade (the one ongoing Tharg Thrill I allow myself to double dip on... if Brink did hardcovers... anyway...) the comics themselves... well...

Han Solo and Chewbacca 3 maybe I need to reread these as I'm stunned how much they wash over me! So stuff happened to some characters, some of whom I know.

Fuck this Place 2 Kyle Starks is brilliant... so why isn't this? Well yet at least?

Spider-man and Moon Girl - I loved the Moon Girl and Devil D series so am snapping up these one shots released in conjunction with the new telly show coming soon... so far yet more shoulder shrug...

so at the moment this haul is 3 comics so much Muh! Been a long time since I had a haul like this. Things do improve. Hawk the Slayer 3 continues to show I'm enjoying this a lot second time around.

Jonna and the Unpossible Monsters 10 great to have this back and would be book of the haul if it wasn't so damned quick to read. I mean that due to it being structure to have the art tell the tale which makes it very brisk but damn it good but its quick.

Usagi Yojimbo - Lone Goat and Kid 6 a classic tribute to the Lone Wolf and Cub series and a superb issue

X-cellent 4 fantastic addition to Milligan's and Allred addition to the X franchise continues on fine form keeping things as updated and relevent as you'd expect while expertly playing with how dated what's gone before can been seen to be in the current context. Fantastic stuff.

So yeah very mixed haul, mind if the Battle Action Special hadn't been reviewed elsewhere it would have blown all before it out the water.

I really must flag up ENDANGERED #1, by Blood Moon Comics- and say that this really should have found a home in the prog. Post-apocalypse attempt to repopulate the Earth, buggered by the presence of giant insects. It's well-produced, nicely written, beautifully drawn, and has a strong 2000AD vibe.

Absolutely worth picking up, even more so if you've been finding a hole in your monthly science fiction comic reading since Letter 44 ended.


Colin YNWA:
Well been neglecting my comics for all sorts of reasons - mainly very busy evenings (doing over comics related stuff of course) of late BUT I'm on holiday at the mo and so have managed to catch up (mostly still have Shift and the Battle Action book from Hibernia to finish) and its quite a haul.

Few 1s to start and the most disappointing is Manalorian 1 - I mean its just adaptions of the telly show. For some reason (and lack of attention I imagine) I expected it to be new material, so this was very disappointing. It makes perfect sense for it to be the telly show. After all the old Star Wars series started with adfapting the movies - so why whine... well cos I want to that's why!

Daredevil 1 hearing SO much good stuff about the Zdarsky run thought this would be a great jumping on point... it wasn't but I'll give it time.

Speaking of Zdarsky the fuss he gets meant I tried Public Domain 1 which was a good comic if I'd literally hadn't just read another comic by the same writer which used a property created by others and which has been profitted of my big business... I mean he makes good points. Its well written, the art is decent... but it sticks in the throat when you've just read his DD 1...

Absolution 1 Pete Milligan is banging out these IP generating mini-series at the moment, but damn he does so many of them so very well. Absolution 1 is the veruy definition of a movie on a comic pay. I could smell the popcorn as I read it and that normally bugs me... but this was a good fun movies so I got over it! Speaking of Milligan banging out the IP generators Dogs of London 3 continues what is probably the weakest recent example of Milligan doing this. Its still decent.

Rocketeer - The Great Race 4 pushes it luck but just about makes the landing.

Han Solo and Chewbacca 4 WOOKIE FIGHT... why is this still so mah... why am I still getting it?

Hawk the Slayer 4 shit me sideways Henry Flint is SO good.

Deadbox 3 its back and Mark Russell is going for subtly here. Its pretty heavy handed but the adoration if guns in the US is a target that sidestep subtly so...

Slumber 5 the first arc (I hope there more of this???) capers its way entertainingly towards next months conclusion.

Time before Time 14 is working well with its more linear side quests.

Rogues 3 balances the hi-jinks with the horrible nature of its leads really well. But really that was Grodd's child they just happened to kidnap... really...

Top of the pile. X-cellent 5 reminds us that Pete Milligan isn't just an IP farm. Can't wait for 'Season 2'

What's the furtherest place from here? 7 starts to give our world an origin and its wonderfully horrible. Fantastic.

Usagi Yojimbo 29 I mean Stan Sakai has been doing this for 30 odd years now. He knows what he's doing and does it so, SO well.

But toppermost is That Texas Blood 15 unlike the IP farming mentioned above and similar to the best this one uses its form to perfection. There's a short, almost wordless scene where Joe Bob breaks some horrific news to a father. Its heartbreaking and just brilliant. Buy this comic.

Good haul which has a bonus to top it off with The Human Target 6 which I somehow missed on my pull list and is typically brilliant for this series. Comics are good.

Colin YNWA:
Continuing my holiday catch up by finishing my regular comic haul while sat in the beautiful Lake District - arh does life get any better?

I hate this place 3 is a step in the right direction that buys this comic a little longer. Its not however up to Kyle Starks normal standard. Maybe I need to do a recap as to why any fu*ker is staying at that house?

Punisher 4 still not the comic I wanted it to be. However again interesting turn of events, or at least apparently so, leave this in an interesting place.

Batman: One Dark Knight 3 it has significant issues writing wise but as a showcase of Jock' are it does a lovely job.

Venom 9 I've enjoyed the Al Ewing Garden of Time stuff a lot less than the RamV work on this title but this issue crashes the two storylines together very successfully and I really enjoyed it... I'm 9 issues into a Venom series something special must be happening!

Speaking of Al Ewing Antman 1 is an absolute blast.

Alice Ever After 4 the story is heading to conclusion and is really good now. It creeps under you and I'm really looking forward to reading this in one go when its done.

Public Domain 2 is a great comic, fantastic and would be top of the pile if not for my beef of writer well immersed in the system trying to smack the system he's thriving off. Still superb way to go about it!

Superman - Space Age 1 almost 4 time the Mark Russell with 4 times the Mike Allred in this bumper sized package. Man what a delight. Its a 60s set retelling of the origin of Superman and the formation of The Justice League via Lex Luther inspired nuclear showdown. Its so, so well thought out, the format is lovely, a bigger, if slightly cheaper prestige format for those that remember . So why on earth is this beauty not top of the pile. Well my niggle with it is Mark Russell comes so much ground that even with 80 pages the quick scene cuts mean only a two of scenes get the space they deserve to breathe. It means they whole thing is an absolutely blast to read but there were bits where I'd wished the pace had stopped a little and characters had a little more room to develop. Still fantastic package and wonderful read, highly recommended.

So that leaves us two for the top of pile Time before time 15 starts the second half of this arc and this series feels far more focused with some of the bright and shiney timey whimey stuff taking a back seat to allow the characters and their more personal dilemma's to shine. Our own Rory McConville deserves you dime here. BUT its not quite book of the haul that goes again to the best comic you don't seem to be reading That Texas Blood 16 and Joe Bob and the good folks of Ambrose County really provide a wonderful example of comics at their best. Even as a serial killer, an incredibly well realised and creepy serial killer, stalks the pages of the comic, that feels fantastically secondary to the much more grounded characters. Its a brilliant series.

Colin YNWA:
Hmmm again not the best of hauls my latest. I might need to do some re-evaluation of what I'm getting.

Avengers and Moon Girl - well these team up stories - I assume release to tie in with the original date of the cartoon (pushed back to next year I think) are even close to as good as the original series alas.

Predator 1 I don't rememerb adding this to my pull list but hey Kev Walker's art is even better than it was before in this alas the story is very cliche so far.

Love Everlasting 1 is far from cliche... well except when it plays with cliche deliberately but not quite sure what its doing yet. Still it looks incredible.

So three one's then a couple if 2s. Mandalorian 2 just isn't the comic I want - stand retelling of the telly show... Daredevil 650... or 2. Kinda okay but far from as good as I was hoping given Zdarsky's rep on DD. Was very much looking forward to reading DD monthly again. Not sure how long this will last. Also Ann Nocenti's back up was... confusing alas.

Then 3 fives of all things Han Solo and Chewbacca 5 is so interesting in the way it takes things so exciting yet makes them so dull. This one will probably go at the end of this arc. Punisher 5 is a decent comic but still not quite what I hoped for but offers enough to keep me going for the 12 issue run I suspect. Hawk the Slayer 5 we've discussed elsewhere but shit me sideways Henry Flint hey!

Slumber 6 arhhh this has been great but the last issue of this arc (is it going to come back? i have my doubts) just feels like so many high octane endings. Shame.

So it gets the the last three out of 12 to really get to hits. And of course that starts with Usagi Yojimbo 30 cos this comic is ACE. Top of the haul, well it seems fitting since we started with a load of 1 and 2s that we end with Sacrament 1 and Absolution 2. Pete Milligan is churning out these short stories in 4-6 issue minis from various companies at the moment. Most are good, some - including these two are great. So they both get book of the haul.

What;s fruststrating is 3 great comics out of 12 is not a good return. As has been mentioned in another thread these cost a LOT at the moment and its cost a lot to get these and I need to be picking better to justify the outlay. So yah know Pete Milligan and Stan Sakai are safe bets. Maybe I need to be getting far more selective with the rest. I feel there's a pull list review coming...


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