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I don't know if it's still available, but From Hell was going on the sequential app for £6.99 the other day.

James Stacey:
Kobo mini is on sale for £30 at the mo in WHSmiths. If you are looking for a small nifty e-reader you could do a lot worse. I assume a backlit one is on the way.

Link Prime:
Some great comics goin cheap on comixology tonight;

Brandon Graham's Prophet (the full run so far, first issue of the run is free. It's in my top 5 comics).
Brandon Graham's Multiple Warheads (won't be for everyone, but give it a shot as the first issue is free).
Matt Fraction's Hawkeye (I got the trade a few months back...a great read, even for non- fans).

Just gutted I have them all already.  :'(

Link Prime:
The Hypernaturals is finally on sale over on Comixology today- just picked up all 12 issues at €0.89 a pop.
It's what us cheapskates have been waiting for...

Jimmy Baker's Assistant:
I think it may be a good idea to split this into two threads, one for print and one for digital comics.


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