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Invasion 1984!

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Hm...never read The Dracula File, but I did Doomlord, when I was young and stupid and never cared much for the art. I could revisit again. Thanks for reminding me.

Colin YNWA:
This gem has finally got to the top of the pile and I've charged through it. Its of its time and feels all the gung-ho style Battle story of the time, but tempered by a vicious deathwish streak that rips through characters. Its fast paced, thrilling and expertly craft. The art by Eric Bradbury is lush and grim in equal measure and perfectly used here. Its brutal, breathless daft fun and a delight.

I'd never heard of this strip ahead of this release I'm very glad Rebellion have fished it out of the archive and given it its rightful place in their Treasury collection.


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