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Dave 'Bolt 01' Evans Tribute Publication looking for contributors

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Bad City Blue:
Just over a year ago, the indie comics community lost a major player in Dave Evans, known as Bolt 01.

An editor, artist, letterer and more, Dave was responsible for editing many years of Zarjaz, Dogbreath and Futurequake magazines, as well as working on many, many more.

We felt he should be remembered by the community he dedicated so much time to, and what better way than a comic strip collection.

Although the format will be A4, we don't know how many pages etc as first we need comic creators to come forward and offer their services, with priority to those who worked with Dave.

There's no payment, with any profit going to a mental health charity nominated by his family, who support us 100 per cent in this.

If you're interested, please contact us with any questions and we'll get things moving. We're looking for strips of up to five pages, with original content, plus likely some pin up type pages.

Hopefully we can publish in May 2023.

Sorry to waffle - let's do it, and do him proud.

Richmond Clements:

Bad City Blue:

The Legendary Shark:

PM sent.

Bad City Blue:
Interest in the project is high, and we will have contributions from indie creators and professionals like Steven Austin, Ian Richardson, Rob Williams, Dan Cornwell and Boo Cook. Hopefully John Wagner, too.

We have at least seven months to get scripts etc in shape, so are happy to read submissions as you have them.



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