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Battle Action Special 2022

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Funt Solo:
I'm probably preaching to the converted, but if you enjoyed this Battle-Action, then Garth Ennis has a ton of other WWII books out.

Linking into this special, he did Hellman at the Twilight of the Reich, in Action 2020 (Rebellion), and a series of three linked stories about the Night Witches in The Complete Battlefields (Volumes One-Three).

There's also War Stories (several volumes), Battler Briton, World of Tanks and The Stringbags.

Would it be nice if we now get a annual Battle Action Special written by Garth or at least a more regularly Battle Action.

Ennis has shown a real gift for War Stories and the mileage that is still in the concept.  Arguably the Millsian perspective that challenges an awful lot of the archetypes of older war stories is still present.  It would be nice to see movement towards more modern conflicts but one thing that this special ensures is the variety of perspectives needed.

Nice to see Johnny Red revitalised again.  Not just with the core Skreemer story but also with the Nina story.  Same holds for the Hellman story.  Another example of the complexities of conflict.

The Dredger strip was, for my money, the weakest strip retreading old ground of the British establishment bowing to the peccadilloes of foreign diplomats (middle eastern no less ...).  The Sarge strip was a close second in this respect, not really adding anything new.

O'neill's pot shots at the establishment for the 'Aggro' (sic) of Kids Rule OK was cleverly done and probably serves as a nice little bookend to that episode in British Comic History.  Arguably the myriad failings of the police serve as a fascinating counterpoint to the concerns generated by "that cover".  That was back in the seventies before the days of the Miners Strike, Sarah Everard and Lockdown Enforcement.

Overall though this was a cracking volume.  Possibly the only complaint I could level against it is that by producing a hardback volume like this rather than a newsstand special, the audience is somewhat diminished.  Much as I love the hardback, I'd also like to see this title revitalised for a wider audience.  Picky, I know!

My copy of this has just turned up... after coming to me via Isanbul or the moon, apparently. I've never known an Amazon delivery so slow.

I've not read it yet, but I've had a flick and my grud it looks great! I've wanted original, hardback 2000AD graphic novels for years- and this is the closest yet. Well done Tharg, put me down for some more please. Dredd by Wagner and Mr Colin MacNeil, a Kingdom one-off by Abnett and Elson, and perhaps a new Stronty by Wagner and a new droid?

Anyway, can't wait to get stuck into this.



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