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Sideshow Vote II: Simply the best – Number VI

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Welcome to the sixth knockout round where we will choose our favorite story arc.
We already have seven story arcs that has qualified.

Whom is the next to do a takedown? The best Zenith book is naturally Phase III:
-   Yay, you are spot on
-   Nay, surely you are mistaken it must be ……………………………

Colin YNWA:
Phase 3 had always been my favourite, but on a recent read

Phase 2


Yes, Phase 3. The brilliant range of characters (imagine how many of them would have been given their own series if it was The Big Two), the tying together of long-dangling plot threads, and Yowell's art at the best it has ever been.

Controversially, I'm also a sucker for Phase IV due to the pitch-perfect early '90s reference points, the apocalyptic storyline and the clever resolution.

Phase One.

I do like Phase 3, but for me the best has got to be Phase 1. It's a cracking self-contained story, it has Red Dragon's rise and subsequent fall, it has punching nazis to death and, in the context of the wider story, it set's everything up beautifully.


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