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Sideshow Vote II: Does it tally up?

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In the prog we can have a short story a story than ran for weeks or even two or three parts. So, how do you prefer your stories?
-   Small bursts of 1 to 3 parts
-   Between 6 and 8 episodes
-   10 to 12 parts
-   I like the long run
-   Just tell me a story I do not care about the length

Colin YNWA:
If the Prog has tauight us anything it that a story needs to be as long as it needs to be. Classics can be 1 offs, 4 parts or 12 or more. Let the creative team determine.

Just tell me a story I do not care about the length

Same as Colin. I’d say the story should be as long as it needs, without too much fat but also without compression, which can rob a strip of breathing space and pace.

Yup, I like stories to be allowed to be long or short as the creators feel necessary. That said, I am very keen on the Weekly Prog running a mix of such stories - I get a bit bored when we have 5 thrills that are all like 8-10 episodes long, meaning no room for suprirses about the content in any given new Prog.

The Legendary Shark:

Just story me, length doesn't matter.


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