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Games / Re: Gamebooks
« on: 26 January, 2022, 09:18:45 AM »
If you can't get enough of this stuff, I notice the latest Essential Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death contains the short and simple, "House of Death" game, from Diceman 1 magazine. Not many decisions to be made, but it is nicely drawn by Bryan Talbot.

News / Re: Brian Bolland Apex Edition
« on: 25 January, 2022, 10:39:00 AM »
I seem to be talking to myself in this thread but anyway here's some more bad news:
The world wide paper shortage has hit production of this book and it now wont be released until April. Probably. If we're lucky. Bugger.


Something is seriously stuffed up in their shipping department. Every order I've place since last July has gone wrong and they only seem to have one droid to field all of the complaints. He can sometimes take more than a week to get back to you but he has always sorted my problems. Eventually.
In my case it really is 'Brexit to blame', but it must be chaos behind the scenes as even a replacement order to cover an earlier c**k up went wrong. I was assured that they are trying to sort it out but clearly they're not there yet.

Books & Comics / Re: Buy my Science Non-fiction comic
« on: 14 January, 2022, 02:39:17 PM »
Your mum's got a typo in her name! Hope it's not too late to tweak the cover.
You may want to tweak the kerning while your at it... ;)

Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« on: 14 January, 2022, 09:18:24 AM »
And now the Telegraph has gone for Johnson’s throat. I think that’s him done, TBH.

Notice how the key points are all in the Twitter thread linked below, rather than expecting you to pay for access to the article behind the Telegraph’s paywall. That’s not a coincidence — they want him gone.

Et tu, Brutus?
If you want to read the telegraph article without paying, just use a 12ft ladder...


News / Re: Brian Bolland Apex Edition
« on: 05 January, 2022, 09:40:15 PM »
This is now back up for sale, direct from the Rebellion shop:

1: Dreadnoughts
2: Megatropolis     -   would have been first if I could have seen what was happening more than half the time.
3: Dark Judges

Music / Re: weird and strange X mas songs
« on: 24 December, 2021, 11:31:10 AM »
Possibly the greatest Christmas EP of all time? Why, Snow by Cocteau Twins of course. Released and deleted almost immediately. Who wouldn't want Frosty the Snowman and Winter Wonderland sung by the wonderful Elizabeth Fraser.


News / Re: Brian Bolland Apex Edition
« on: 22 December, 2021, 03:35:11 PM »
Yeah thanks, I've managed to get one reserved in Berlin which should work out cheaper for me than FP in the UK. I was hoping I could support Rebellion by ordering direct but I guess I missed that chance.

« on: 21 December, 2021, 11:38:57 AM »
1: 2228 - Leonardo Manco by about a thousand miles. The finest cover I've seen in years, the details, the poise, everything about it is perfection.

2: 2252 - Cliff Robinson & Dylan Teague. When does Cliff ever draw a bad cover?
3: 2248 - Cliff Robinson & Dylan Teague. In fact, does this guy ever draw anything that isn't either stunning or brilliantly dynamic?

« on: 21 December, 2021, 11:03:05 AM »
1: 434
2: 438
3: 432

News / Re: Brian Bolland Apex Edition
« on: 20 December, 2021, 05:21:36 PM »
Does anyone know if the Standard Edition without print will be available for regular sale through the shop come release day or was it only via pre-orders?

I wasn't convinced by the expense of the Limited version but forgot to order the Standard one and it now looks like it isn't available through the shop any more.

I may get pretty miffed if I miss this one.

Other Reviews / Re: Spines
« on: 20 November, 2021, 07:33:05 PM »
Hah! I don't think you can hang that sort of cock-up on the designer!

Other Reviews / Re: Spines
« on: 18 November, 2021, 10:16:55 PM »
Now that is classy typography. Allow the designer to do what he/she wants and the result is beautifully elegant and cohesive.

They are definitely having trouble with orders from outside the UK. One half of an order I placed 5 weeks ago still hasn't arrived but the second half, shipped separately two weeks later, has arrived. However, someone goofed as I have been stung for customs and VAT even though local taxes are collected by Rebellion.

The customer service is usually very friendly and helpful but can be a little slow as they only seem to have one person fielding all of the questions. They haven't got back to me yet but I'm sure they will.

It has to be said though, their shipping to the EU is terrible and considering they don't offer track&trace is ridiculously expensive. There should be no way a package to the EU could take up to ten weeks.

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