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Off Topic / Graphics tablet.
« on: 18 October, 2015, 09:39:58 PM »
I'm not even sure if I am calling it the right thing.   My 13 year old girl is showing promise as an artist, and she is wondering about a pad that she can draw on for the laptop or pc.  She had an ap on her tablet but it seems pretty limited. Is there something cheap that she can learn the ropes of digital drawing?
Any suggestions appreciated.

Off Topic / Rugby WC
« on: 28 September, 2015, 11:22:18 PM »
Surprised that this has not reared its head yet on the board. I am not a huge sports fan, but Rugby is such an entertaining game. I should also point out that, Irish boarder will understand, that the masochist in me has me following Mayo football for years, and to watch a team actually win something is an even better feeling.

Anyway, this World Cup has been hugely entertaining so far, the matches are on at reasonable times, the weaker teams have certainly upped their games, it has resulted in far more entertaining games in the group stages.

The two big talking points, I didnt think much could top SA and Japan, and then the Wales and England game came along. Fabulous viewing as a neutral, although Ill admit, (first time for everything) I was cheering Wales by the end of the game.  Ireland's flying under the radar a bit, just doing whats expected, the next two games will tell a tale.

Anyone going to this?
 I see Mike and PJ are booked in, Ill be there too flogging Hibernia's wares.
 If anyone from the board is going stop by and say hello!

Books & Comics / The House of Daemon out now!
« on: 09 July, 2015, 07:50:02 PM »
I hope no one minds me posting this here,

I have just put the House of Daemon for sale here- http://www.comicsy.co.uk/hibernia/

Info as follows!
Elliot Aldrich had built a dream house - but that dream turned into a nightmare!
Elliot with his wife Cassandra and a few brave companions are trapped in Daemon’s twisted house of terror, a house that Daemon will never let them escape from!
From the pages of the new Eagle (September '82 to February '83) Hibernia is proud to present this long out of print classic.
Superbly written by Alan Grant and John Wagner, introduction by Mike Perkins and incomparable art from Spanish master Jose Ortiz, miss this collection at you peril!

Perfect Bound
94 Pages
Black and White

Books & Comics / Neptune distributors, Trident comics and Toxic
« on: 28 June, 2015, 03:53:12 PM »
I'm a sucker for comic history stuff, and this does relater to 2000ad bit. Its a series of six blog posts by an ex employee of Neptune, and it makes for entertaining reading, especially the bit about Pat Mills, however true.
The first instalment is here, I'm sure you will figure how to get the rest!


Books & Comics / The Dracula Files Collection from Scream!
« on: 31 March, 2015, 11:06:26 PM »
Hello all, more comicy goodness from myself and Amstor. Available here to buy now!

Here is the info, Cheers, David.

From the pages of Scream! comic Hibernia is proud to present The Complete Dracula Files, collecting all the weekly episodes as well as all the episodes from the hard to find Holiday Specials. Also included is two page’s of  unseen Eric Bradbury Dracula art from Scream issue 18, and a cover gallery.
 Follow KGB officer Colonel Stakis desperate hunt for Count Dracula, who is spreading terror in 1980’s Britain after defecting from Communist Romania.
 Written By Gerry Finley Day (Rogue Trooper) and Simon Furman(Transformers), and art by Eric Bradbury (Doomlord) and Geoff Senior (Transformers).

Its something to get your teeth into!

Perfect Bound

86 Pages

Black and White

Books & Comics / New Scream Collection from Hibernia
« on: 28 November, 2014, 01:40:14 PM »
Hope no one minds this plug here, I have brought out two new collections, The first is a collection of the short Library of Death stories from Scream, with art by the likes of Steve Dillon, Brendan McCarthy, Cam Kennedy and loads more.
The second is the complete WW2 tale, 'Bakers Half Dozen' from Speed, by Mike Western. Its a cross between Darkies Mob and the Sarge from Battle. Both can be bought here



Books & Comics / Thirteenth Floor Vol 2 now available!
« on: 09 July, 2014, 07:49:07 AM »
I have published a follow up to the First Thirteenth Floor I did many years ago, as well as a new edition of Volume 1.
By Wagner, Grant and Ortiz, Max the deranged and Very dangerous computer controller of Maxwell Towers is one of their finest creations. Amstor is on  duties as usual and again fantastic designs from him.
I hope no one minds this going up on the forum.

Books & Comics / Charley's War overview.
« on: 15 April, 2014, 10:56:27 PM »
I though there was a Charley's War thread somewhere, O for a search function.
Might be of interest, http://www.forbiddenplanet.co.uk/blog/2014/comics-charleys-war-in-ten-volumes-a-reflection-by-james-bacon/

Books & Comics / Who would like a Tower King collection from the Eagle?
« on: 26 February, 2014, 07:44:31 PM »
If so its available to buy NOW from Hibernia. My self and Amstor busied ourselves at this for the last while and its here at last. Hope mods don't mind promoting this here.

From the New Eagle comes the classic story by Alan (Meltdown Man) Hebden and Jose (13th Floor) Ortiz. The Tower King tells the tale of Mick Tempest and his struggles to survive in a London plunged into Medieval anarchy by the complete loss of electricity. Brilliantly written by Alan Hebden, and the artwork by Ortiz is among his best.
76 pages plus cover, soft cover, saddle stitched A4. B&W/greyscale, and artwork is at the size as original publication.
This is the first time this story has ever been reprinted, and this first print is limited to 200 individually numbered copies.
Available by mail order only, from  please allow 10 days for delivery, delivery in most cases will be quicker, but there are occasional delays.  http://www.comicsy.co.uk/hibernia/
For more details go to My FB page at https://www.facebook.com/HiberniaComics?ref=hl


Books & Comics / José Ortiz
« on: 27 December, 2013, 11:42:45 AM »

Books & Comics / Ron Smith's Hotspur Christmas cover
« on: 18 December, 2013, 10:59:53 PM »
I have posted a few Christmas covers on Hibernia Facebook page over the last week or so, and I have put this up this eve, I thought some here might appreciate it,
Its Ron Smith's Christmas cover of King Cobra from Hotspur 1976.

If anyone wants a peek at the other covers they are here

Books & Comics / SALE!
« on: 11 December, 2013, 10:08:51 PM »
I have just put this on FB, I thought there may be some interested here, hope no one minds.

(slightly longer than)ONE DAY CHRISTMAS POSTAGE SALE!

For one day I am offering free postage on the following titles to the UK and Ireland, offer ends at midnight the 12th of December.

Doomlord, The Deathlords of Nox £5

One Eyed Jack and the Death of Valiant £3.99

Beyond 2000ad £6.00

This offer is NOT available through Comicsy, send a Paypal payment to doomlord@eircom.net



Books & Comics / Proto Slaine
« on: 06 December, 2013, 10:23:13 PM »
I had hoped to do something about this newspaper strip called 'Nuada of the Silver Arm', a small collection maybe, but Jim Fitzpatrick isn't keen at the moment.
I have the complete strip but it in very low resolution so not really usable for viewing on screen.

The following is a small piece I have put together for the Hibernia page on Facebook it may be of interest to some here, I'm not putting it up on Facebook just yet, until I can source a better copy of the comic page.

'2000AD's Slaine is 30 years old this year, Pat Mills created the strip drawing largely on Irish mythology and having the cream of British and Irish artist working on it have ensured its popularity.
It's not the first time that Irish Mythology has been adapted to the comic form. Starting in October 1975 in the Sunday edition of The Irish Independent, a new comic started called 'Nuada of the Silver arm' began. It was written and drawn by renowned Artist and Photographer Jim Fitzpatrick. 
It was in B&W and featured the character 'Nuada'. Nuada is one of the principle players in the Mythological cycle of Irish Mythology, he was the King of the DeDannan's as they battle first the Fir Bolg and then the Formorians for ownership of Ireland.
Fitzpatrick draws on these myths and brings to life these ancient stories, very much in a Marvel Conanesque style.

The strip last a little over 20 episodes and it was cut short by the arrival of a new editor who took a dislike to it and discontinued it, and it was never completed.
It was however the inspiration of Fitzpatrick's brilliant book's The Book of Conquests and The Silver Arm, which tell the tale of the first and second battle of Moytura, and my favourite, the Transformations of Tuan.

Help! / Star Wars Lego help.
« on: 01 December, 2013, 08:48:07 PM »
My lad has got a nice bit of cash for his birthday, and he is thinking of getting himself a Birthday/christmas present.

He has spotted this and he is wondering if its good value, and as I done have a clue, hive mind please help!


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