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General / Re: Prog drought!
« on: 29 March, 2022, 06:46:41 PM »
No prog again

I'm not sure any other of my post is being affected - stuff seems to be landing as quickly as normal.

In the old days you could ring up but thats not an option any more - any way of getting a formal statment as to any knoww issues at Thargs end, Molch-er?

News / Re: Garry Leach, 1954-2022
« on: 29 March, 2022, 06:33:10 PM »
Terrible news

Garrys art was in the first prog I have strong memories of  - the episode of the VCs where Hen Sho makes sure Smith and Loon escape i the two remaining lifepods was powerful affecting stuff, even when I had no idea who these characters were

For me Garry Leach was as slick as Gibbons and Bolland, but actually outdid them from a design point of view, so I was always sad that Tharg wasnt able to maximise his use in the prog back in the day -  guess he was in even greater demand than those two, but never seemed to earn the same acclaim, which he more than deserved.

Announcements / Re: 45th anniversary online convention!
« on: 26 March, 2022, 08:29:26 PM »
That was a fantastic day - missed a bit of the Pat interview (surely his shortest ever??)

Good to hear John say he is unretired and Spektor is on his radar. Got me wanting to listen to the Future Shock audios I notionally should ahve access to as a subber but never got round to investigating what technology O would need

The politic's one was good as well, though (as someone who voted for Creasy as deputy back in the far off Utopian past of 2015), I found her bewilderment by the lack of hope that there can be any meaningful change she sees in people as a bit odd, given it was the PLP who did their best to undermine that feeling over the last 6 years.. . but enough politics!   

Be a bit harder to catch all of tomorrows as I wont be sat at  a desk all day (decorating), but we can catch up on these, yes?

General / Re: Sideshow Vote: Igor, are you a loyal servant?
« on: 23 March, 2022, 06:11:41 PM »

I started in the 80s and I am still reading.

Early 80s mind - First Prog of my newsagent order was 195. Prior to that, I’d been buying humour titles then Doctor Who magainze, until that went monthly and Tom was canned.

At the point I should have canned the prog in the early 90s, things were pretty tumultuous on the home front and mental health wise, so I kept reading out of the need to keep a timer ticking and some sense that not everything was falling apart, even if the prog really, really was at that time!

By the time the prog had started a slow recovery, so had I

General / Re: Prog drought!
« on: 23 March, 2022, 06:06:38 PM »
The fact it is quiet here would suggest most peoples progs are back on track?

If I was more conspiratorially minded, I'd take the fact that the week after I slagged the progs for "never ending story" syndrome my prog turned up a week late and looking like it had been through Mek quakes guts as a sign of Thrg's displeasure.

Since then, my prog has been usually Tuesday and sometimes Wednesday - still no 2274 here.. just me?

Announcements / Re: 2000 AD - The Ultimate Collection
« on: 21 March, 2022, 07:51:08 PM »
Against my better judgement, picked this up today

I think the biggest mmisstep is the Gronk, though Garth seems to think that was the only good thing about this run, which might be partially why his stuff never sdid stick.

My main take is that it would have made more sense for Feral's dad to be Malak Brood, not that either makes much sense

Be interested in the Hogan book (hopefully opening with the Ridgeway drawn flashback story for completions sake)

Off Topic / Re: RIPs
« on: 17 March, 2022, 09:06:04 PM »
Stealing Cosmic Ray's discoveries?  He's lucky to ahve made it to 94!

Eugene Parker the pioneering Solar Physicists who predicted the existence of Solar wind. 94 is a good innings.

General / Re: Rogue Trooper: Who Did What?
« on: 17 March, 2022, 08:35:19 PM »

I like Cinnabar, but it all it does is Smithify the setting.

I tyhink War Machine is one of the most over rated stories the comic ever put out, stripping the story of the things that made it unique and "charming"  - No Nu-Earth (people can breathe the air), no Bio Chips so Rogue has this ponderous self narration. 

The only stores I;d put up there are Moores,mostly because he sticks to the established tropes but does them superlatively.

Theres been flickers of interesting things in Rogue Revival stuff, but nothing that really mines the setting in a way that makes it as compelling as GFD did for those first few years

I can't agree with you about GFD writing the best Rogue stories I'm afraid. John Smith's Cinnabar and Dave Gibbons's script for War Machine are far better.

General / Re: Rogue Trooper: Who Did What?
« on: 17 March, 2022, 07:25:14 PM »
Couldnt disagree with any of that

Rogue is as much of a "joint effort" as Dredd was.  Like I said in the previous thread, Wagners vision of Jeff Stryker - EXTREME COP! vs Carlos's artistic vision elevating that vs Millls editorial sorting the wheat from the chaff is pretty much mirrored here.

GFD wants Tube Trooper with his Euro-arms   Gibbons art and own take elevate that. MacManus corales it all into the winning formula it becomes. 

In both cases, its Wagner and GFD who pilot that craft so successfully that the strips become Iconic.

If you are calling Dredd a House Character, so is Rogue

That said, if you are asking me if I prefer a Dredd story by Wagner / Rogue story by GFD, then I'll also align and say yes to both, as the best of both strips is by them, outside of Moore dabbling - if Moore had dabbled with dredd, that would probably be true there as well.

The evidence is very much there to suggest that Gibbons and indeed MacManus may have had a bigger hand than GFD in shaping who Rogue was

I suppose my picking away at this has less to do with GFD's actual contribution and more to do with Pat Mills' assertion that it's disrespectful to GFD for other writers to work in the Rogue Trooper universe whilst simultaneously asserting that Dredd is a "house character" because of the multiple hands involved the strip's development in the early days.

It seems to me that if you're going to put Dredd in the category of "house character" and declare him fair game, it's difficult to argue that the same doesn't apply to Rogue (in a way that doesn't apply to, say, Strontium Dog, which is clearly the product of the writer and artist's vision, despite early turns on the art by other artists in the Starlord days).

News / Re: Hiya Toys Judge Dredd range?
« on: 13 March, 2022, 10:26:41 AM »
But at what scale? 

Is everything announced so far at both scales?

Are they releasing both scales smultaneusly?

I find it really bizarre that they would split the market rather than settle on one

General / Re: Space Spinner 2000AD
« on: 07 March, 2022, 02:49:37 PM »
No problems, Conrad

I will update it for this weeks, then arrange for ti to get to you!

General / Re: Space Spinner 2000AD
« on: 01 March, 2022, 08:14:44 PM »
In celebration, I have updated the SS2000 spreadsheet

There have been 203 episodes focusssing purely on the progs, with solidarity occuring 36% of the time.

There have been 100 individual stories

Bottom Thrills:

Colony Earth           -100%
Rick Random           -100%
Fervent & Lobe   -100%
Trash                   -100%
Mind of Wolfie Smith   -78%
Harlem Heroes II     -77%
Robo-Hunter II     -68%
Death Planet             -67%
Wireheads             -67%
Kola Kommandos     -63%

Top Thrills:

Skizz                  35%
Indigo Prime           36%
Harry 20                   42%
ABC Warriors           47%
Visible Man           50%
Hewligans Haircut   50%
Durham Red           50%
Shako                   63%
Revere                   63%
Mean Machine           67%
Halo Jones           70%

Note both of these are a percentage of times they could be voted for as top or bottom - so Colony Earth appeared in 3 episodes and was voted bottom thrill each time by both Conrad and Fox.

Halo Jones appeared in 10 episodes and was voted top 7 times by each of them.

Obviously context is everything - Nemesis and Stront had tougher competition than Mean Machine and Durham Red for example.  Also having one good but short run helps you score better, though all that makes Halo Jones performance even more impressive!

General / Re: Space Spinner 2000AD
« on: 28 February, 2022, 05:14:23 PM »

Making Mondays more manageable again!

News / Re: Hiya Toys Judge Dredd range?
« on: 22 February, 2022, 10:06:49 PM »
HE looks good!

My main issue is why they are doing two different scales?  I now have analysis paralysis as to which one to go for - not up for getting both

Other Reviews / Re: Prog 1 - Review
« on: 16 February, 2022, 07:13:39 PM »
I think I my have this - what fanzine?  Comics Media News?

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