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"So I'm wondering what Gregory's art would be like coloured by someone else..? Would that satisfy your nobisley opinions PVS?"

I'm wondering if you could go drown yourself in a bucket.  What are you talking about?  I can't answer that wretched question, I wasn't talking about whether I like bisley or not, I was just digging out the grain of truth from Spaceman's mountain of madness.

I was saying, that Gregory's stuff IS NOT A RIP OFF OF BISLEY, but that elements of his colour work, BUT NOT ALL, looked Bisleyesque.  Whether he chooses to go further down that route, or develop a differemnt style is his choice, but he should know a lot of people don't like bisleyesque stuff.

Tex Hex:
Admittedly Bisleys fully painted stuff (and all subsequent clones) was getting tiresome, but his pencil,ink,colour stuff was quite good IMHO. It was certainly unique. Same goes for Kev Walkers recent stuff too. And Doherty's recent stuff is coming on leaps and bounds. Painted stuff just seem too static for the comics medium.I rekon if gregory can distill the same robustness (robustivity? robustification? robusters? I just dont know) into ink work then hes onto a winner. But then my existance isnt exactly a catalogue of correct life decisions.


My favourite picture in the horned god was a pencil drawing of Slaine's head.  Absoloutely marvellous, I could have had the whole strip like that.

*Bucket firmly on head*

Last of the V8's:
Isn't it wonderfull how a spelling mistake can cause so much discusssion, oop's done it again, or am I Death?
Glad to see everyone's educated.
The Barmey One.


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