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Sigh... now Spaceman has assumed the voice of outrage I've carried for so long, where does that leave me?

I think I'll try a slightly cynical, cum depressed voice.  Let me know how it goes folks.

Well Gregory, I thought a part of one of your coloured pics looked bisleyesque in places, but a not all of it and the B/W stuff didn't.  You may as well just carry on drawing, pick up what scraps of advice you can and hone that talent.

Gosh knows its not easy*



*Remember - Cynical and Depressed...

Whoa - bit harsh isn't it? Up and coming artists need encouragement not to be shot down. Boys got talent and i couldn't give a flying fig for who he might be similar to.

Personally, the constant "wow, that's great you should be working for 2000AD" simply because he has a modicum of ability more than most people in here is probably doing more damage to the guy than anything else. It's pretty much the definition of damning with faint praise.

I would encourage him to look outside his current influences (as I've already said) as it is, the best he can expect out of the 2000AD editorial will be "sub-biz clone .. next". IMHO that's the BEST advice he can get in here.

- space

Fair enough - but it'd been better if you'd said that from the off rather than a blanket disimissal eh?


Well, I was responding to a blanket acceptance.

If Gregory wants to post something for a full and proper critique then I'll happily oblige, until then, keep on plugging dude - but I'd be surprised (and disappointed) if *this* work is what wins 2000AD over.

- space


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