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After the huge success of Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection, we're delighted to tip you off you that Hachette Partworks is to trial a new collection bringing together stories from 40 years of 2000 AD.

You may well see or hear about test volumes appear in newsagents in certain parts of the country over the next month. These tests are being done to see if a series would work and, if the test is successful, there'll be a big national launch at a later date - just like there was with the Mega Collection.

This is very exciting for us as the Mega Collection has been hugely positive for 2000 AD and we want that success to continue.

We appreciate every fan's interest in ensuring these tests are successful - WE want them to be successful too, but we also appreciate Hachette's concerns that people rushing into the test areas and bulk buying copies will skew their numbers and could put the viability of a national launch at risk. We and Hachette don't publicise these tests for that very reason.

At the same time, we know you'll want to get your hands on what promise to be rather tasty new hardcover editions. If you’re desperate to get a copy of one of the books and you find yourself NOT in a test area, please send me your name and address through this forum, we’ll see about getting you a sample copy from Hachette (dependant on supplies).

The series website is now live at www.2000adcollection.com if you want to see how the collection might take shape if it does launch nationally.

This is yet more great news for 2000 AD in its 40th anniversary year and we know we can count on your support if the collection gets the go ahead!


Steve Green:
Great news - is it OK to share this on our SD and Minty facebook page or would that upset the Hachette Gods?

The link doesn't work :(

Can you get Patrick Goddard on the spine of this one! Great news but please wrap up the Dredd one first!


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