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Hello 👋

Just got back into 2000ad after a brief 35 years off.

I say “just”, it was a couple years ago but I don’t post on forums much.

I don’t have the encyclopaedic knowledge of the stories and progs that most of the people on here have, but am really enjoying catching up where I can.

Anyway, borag thungg and all that, thanks for having me.

Welcome back. There is a lot to catch-up with but it will be a great journey.

Colin YNWA:
Welcome aboard. Yeah there's a lot to catch up on, but immense fun in doing it. Don't worry about knowing stuff that's not what matters just enjoy it and have fun.

If you have questions just ask.

Trooper McFad:
Welcome and enjoy the banter 👍🏻😁

Barrington Boots:
Welcome! Any encyclopaedic knowledge is an illusion. Just hang out and enjoy the board!


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