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Hi from Scotland

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Hi all. Long time fan, based in Edinburgh. Good to be here.

Favourite older stories:

Dredd (of course), some of my top stories being some of the usual, Judge Child, The Day the Law Died, America, Oz, The Pit, Origins, Democracy
M.A.C.H 1
Strontium Dog
Bad Company
ABC Warriors
Halo Jones
The Mind of Wolfie Smith
Durham Red
Fiends of the Eastern Front
Rogue Trooper

More recent favourites:

The Out
The Order

Also enjoyed some of the spin-offs (Crisis, Revolver, Tornado back in the day)

Are there any meet ups now and again for fans in Scotland?

Hi welcome on the board.

Trooper McFad:
Welcome Robbie nice to see another fellow Calhab citizen join the board. 👍🏻😁
I’m out in East Lothian. Enjoy the banter.

Richmond Clements:
Greetings from Inverness.

Welcome to the board!

Interesting that you liked Tornado.  I recently (few years ago) read the whole lot as part of a prog slog, as well as Starlord.  I liked Blackhawk, Wolfie Smith and Angry Planet, but didn't really rate the rest that highly.  Did you get to read Starlord?


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