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Author Topic: Swapping some Marvel/DC graphic novels for missing Mega Collection.  (Read 391 times)


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Marvel Ulimate Graphic Novel Collection (hardbacks very good condition).
 5 Thor the Last Viking.
31 Fantastic Four Authoritiative Action.
70 Fear Itself part 1.
71 Fear Itself part 2.

Batman Hush (paperback good condition).

Batman Arkham City (hardback very good condition).

Batman Arkham Unhinged 1 (paperback good condition).
Batman Arkham Unhinged 2 (paperback poor condition).
Batman Arkham Unhinged 3 (paperback good condition).
Batman Arkham Unhinged 4 (hardback average condition & missing a chapter cover page, but no missing dialogue).

Swap any above for any below. Mega Collection just needs to be readable. So not overtly fussed about weathered/used condition.

Wanted Mega Collection Volumes  from 81 to 90 (and maybe 27, 62, 69) UK/GB area.