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Author Topic: Who did the "Bless You" cartoon?  (Read 294 times)

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Who did the "Bless You" cartoon?
« on: 03 August, 2022, 08:55:20 PM »
I'm trying to find the person responsible for a cartoon in the 80s.
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1K2nBBAiXN1uhWcXx95L06M0OXVnMXNjj is the image. It has been of great amusement during COVID-19.

It is signed "Rico" but it's not the bloke that moved to South Africa. I've contacted him and he says this is not his work.

I do remember tearing it out of a Mayfair (or similar "lads mag") in the 80s. I can't lift the page out of the photo album without tearing it, I've tried.

I know I'm probably going to get no response but if people know of other places to ask, please let me know.

Many thanks!