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A sleigh load of stuff on sale at silly prices....

No I don't feel bad I coughed up the full price  :-[

Hah! Just found something I didn’t have marked down by 75%.
Even with swingeing postal rates outside the UK, I save a few quid.
Who’s the smuggest in the land now?
(Now if only I really wanted what I’ve just ordered.)

Bit sad Marney the Fox is being offloaded (if that indicates poor sales), but a barg for anyone who still doesn’t have a copy, at under a fiver. I see The Beatles Story HC is back too, for less then the price of a Prog. I got Goldtiger in the previous one of these sales. At £6.79, it’s well worth a punt. Tons of Treasury stuff in here too.

Without knowing what's coming in the UCs 3rd extension I'm a little wary of dropping £s here. Most of the things I want seem like possible UC content. I've been stung in the past buying things in Rebellion sales only to end up with a double when it gets included in the UC (Ro-busters, Cradlegrave, Stone Island). Until we've got at least some idea what's making the cut I think I shall play it safe and hold off on further purchases.

Grey M@a:
Is anyone having issues with the shop? Since Wednesday I have been trying to buy the Absolom collections and other items and as soon as you try to buy them, it reports to the bank that the order is £0.00 and nothing goes through.

Tried numerous cards, browsers, computers all the same!


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