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Tsk, stone tablets, bible... its a copy of Tooth they need to find!

Genius! The thrillpower will power their home planet for generations to come!

When I was much younger, I sat down to write what I thought was a genius idea (*I*was*YOUNG*) for a Future Shock.  It involved an alien armada getting ready to destroy this planet that many had attempted to conquer but none had ever succeeded.  Pull away and, surprise surprise, it's Earth.  Various jiggery-pokery ensues about how the other races had tried to bring down the planet, and how these guys are doing something new.  Anyway, as the fleet goes into a screaming dive, they become aware of a strange dimensional effect, which appears to be doing strange things to them.  The upshot of the whole story is that the planet's defence is that all aliens end up trapped between the pages of comic books - including the one you've just read.  This was utter turd, one of the worst things I've ever written, which was disappointing given the huge amount of effort I put into writing and rewriting.

Anyway, one thing I realised was how amazingly difficult it is to be self-referential within the comics medium (I don't mean the characters self-referencing, or sly undercutting of "realism", or any other po-mo tricks, I mean actually coming out and saying "All this world's a comic, and we merely 2-D constructs").

There's a really quite bad early Judge Dredd where he impounds a job lot of illegal 2000ad's that makes this point better than i ever could.

So, question: can anybody think of a strip that DID manage this trick without disappearing up its own arse or getting too far-out & hippyish?

"The Day The Earth Stood Fairly Still"

We start with an ad for "Personality Amplifiers", the new wonder device that will make you more popular by amplifying your personality. A before and after picture shows how a Peronality Amplifier makes a miserable nobody into the darling of his office.

One of there customers wants his money back as the Amplifier is having no effect. After a quick scan with some special equipment they deduce that he has almost no personality, and so modify the personality amplifier to bemuch much stronger to bring out what little personality he has...

The amplifier gets turned up so far that it starts emmitting his blandness, turning everyone and everything around him. Britain is shown caught in the wave of blandfication, ending on Tharg, in his Nerve Centere, deciding to cancel Future Shocks and replace them with a series of 'Future Prosaics'.

End on a large blank panel with the words "The Twist Ending To This Strip Has Been Cancelled".

Hahahahaha!!!!!!  This MUST be commissioned immediately!

I can just see it - use loads of different artists with contrasting styles like that old Armoured Gideon episode...


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