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Shock Proposal

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Mr C:
That's great! Perhaps have Tharg panic at the sight of his Thrill-o-meter dwindling away to nothing before he too becomes infected by blandness!

There's a really quite bad early Judge Dredd where he impounds a job lot of illegal 2000ad's that makes this point better than i ever could.

So, question: can anybody think of a strip that DID manage this trick without disappearing up its own arse or getting too far-out & hippyish?

A couple of jokey old Shocks spring to mind. The Lanulos Run, where the crew of a spaceship overcome space pirates, black holes, etc to deliver vital cargo to a dying planet (punchline - it's boxes of progs for thrill-starved natives), and the much funnier Hot Item, where energy is at a premium due to the universe winding down through heat-death. Two guys slowly steer a steam car through the snow carrying a vital energy source to their freezing village, and are chased for hours over a few yards by heat-jackers who can't be bothered to crawl after them (punchline - yep, it's boxes of progs).

Also Alan Moore's Tom Strong comics do this a lot.

Never heard of it!
It sounded good!
I looked it up!
Here it is!Link: Tom Strong review

It's a good comic is Tom Strong, but bewary getting into it - it's done in a kinda ye olde superhero style but it's been Mooreified.


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