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I?m hoping that issue #2 will be as good as #1


"I did get to meet a few druids"

... so that's what all those people in robes were!

Cheers Art, that is bleedin' excellent!

Simon Fraser's bit on artdroids is quite fun as well, BTW, if you haven't seen it already.

More stories from others would still be very nice (including you, Gary, hint hint!)

If anyone has stories of total and utter humiliation at the comics game they would also be welcome!





If you are a scribbler, then make sure that if you are going to present work to be looked at by an editor, you have done your best work, and not stuff that has been produced at 11.30-1.00am before going to work.

By the way, the first page is of Big Freeze is beginning to look quite good, hope to have something for you to look at soon.


Generally Contrary:
Do you ever stop producing pages?  Your latest Whistler appears and you've already moved onto the next project, barely sparing the time to catch your breath.


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