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John Caliber:
Something I was remiss to answer from your original question: how do you put together fanzines - by self or pay a printship to do it? DIY is far preferable [and cheaper]. I use Pagemaker 6.5 to set out the page design, Word 2000 to type the manuscript up [which is then pasted into Pagemaker], Photoshop to scan and colour/manipulate images and Illustrator to create logos and maps. I then use Adobe Distiller to convert the Pagemaker file into PDF format.

This is how I create magazines as opposed to comic books. Comics are far easier to put together, though far more time consuming.

- JohnLink: DROKK CITY

I used to help out with a few punk/ hardcore/ metal type zines. I used to collate everything on a bit of dtp software (publisher at the time, i think) plus do a few drawings and interview anyone i could blag! Once that's done, it's off to the photocopier. There's bound to be a few of your mates that can run off some copies for free at work. If you have 5 people run off 20 each, you have 100 copies printed for free!
I haven't done anything like that in ages! Need any help?

Rio De Fideldo:
Hi Tank Grrl. Nowhere near enough material yet to actually start photocopying the mag. Thanks for the offer. Aren't you going travelling soon anyway?

Generally Contrary:
I'm planning to make use of the print unit at my girlfriend's school (she's a teacher, not a pupil!).  Not in any kind of underhand way - they are a community college and offer their print unit for the use of the general public.  They are very cheap, compared to high street photocopying, and do collation and stapling for a small fee.  Though they do things like sports club programmes and community newsletters, they don't publicise this service all that widely.  So anyway, it might be worth checking out the local schools/colleges.  Or check out the university print shops (they might do student/staff prices).

I'm pretty institutionalised.

not off for bout a month yet. Also got made redundant (hence the plans) so, s'not like i'm doing much at the mo!


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