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FutureQuake is done on a second hand lazer printer, which i bought a half share in for ?200. But because of that the print costs are basicly whatever the toner ans paper costs and it means I'm able to do short runs - of 20 or 30 - as I need them to top up the initial print run of 100.

Printing comics rather than text burns through toner, as something like FQ covers about 30% of the page as opposed to 5% for text, but we figured out that when using reconditioned toner cartriges it was costing about 15p per sheet (each sheet being 4 pages). (you have to watch out though - poor quality toner cartridges can leave your pages looking blotchy or streaky).

Dunno if its a route most people would want to take but it's working out pretty well for me. The only problem is that since I half bought it with my dad I have to go up to his place each time I want to use it, but that If I take a few peopel we can get the collating, foldiong and stapling done really quick and theres a real party vibe to it.

If I take a few peopel we can get the collating, foldiong and stapling done really quick and theres a real party vibe to it.

And these are the people inside your head, yes?

dont u just hate it when u print a page out and the ink runs - smudging everything on the page, some valuable help from logan and pvs though and they are right too

the reason why its called 'smallpress' is just that - u can start as big or small as u want

John Caliber:
Or, if you don't want to spend any money in the long term, publish online in PDF format. It  allows me to work in full colour and mimic the presentation quality of professional magazines without first needing a bank loan. I'm a big advocate of electronic media, having viewed many of the TRANSFORMERS comics on CD-ROM and finding the experience no more inconvenient than sitting in the chair nearby to read hardcopy... and it saves storage space, which is desperately neded at Casa Del Caliber. If I could get 2000AD collected on CD-ROM I'd be a very happy man.

The link below takes you to my fanzine page and the PDF file, if you want to see what PDFs look like. There are certain production concerns to take account of when working with PDFs - or online magazines/comic strips in general - but they are a flash in the pan compared to having to work strictly in b/w and trudge to the copy shop every week to get more fanzines made up.


Rio De Fideldo:
Thanks to everyone for the helpful pointers re fanzines.

Now I've just got to find the time to fill it.


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