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Author Topic: Starscape vol2.1 Zombies! Free movies!  (Read 1660 times)


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Starscape vol2.1 Zombies! Free movies!
« on: 25 February, 2005, 04:24:58 PM »
Starscape begins anew with the first issue of volume 2.  And it's the best yet!

For a paltry ?2 (plus 50p UK p&p), Starkids get:
-  A glorious full-colour gun totin' cover
-  'Dead' zombies invade the wild west by Gary (2000AD) Simpson & Lee (Vurt/ Confessional) O'Connor
-  Pest Control's Grant (the new Morrison) Springford brings his weird world of time-travellers to 'scape in Clock Works
-  Cockchesters very own dynamic duo, the Guard Dogs romp through more a tale more Snowscape than Starscape from talented Spider-Man writer/ Marvel/ Panini editor Jason Quinn and the Spanish wonder, Pedro Cruz
-  Marvelman creator Mick Anglo gets his Wonderman reprinted in full colour, plus
-  Solar Wind's Paul (Cosmic Ray) Scott and Oliver (Bart Dias) Redding give an overview of the British ghost-hunter, Quisling

AND there's a free VCD (playable on PC and DVD) featuring George Romero's Night of the Living Dead and Fleischer's Superman: The Mummy Strikes (plus a little something extra) FREE!

Payment can be made online at www.StarscapeComic.co.uk or by cheque/ PO made payable to SuperHeroStore MultiMedia c/o 4 Lothian Crescent, Paisley, Scotland PA2 8AQ.

Keep looking to the stars!

Link: http://www.StarscapeComic.co.uk