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Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« on: 13 January, 2022, 05:44:45 PM »
It was all cool when I was reading it in Martha Washington Goes to War.

Oddly, I ended up marrying a Martha, in Washington.


Some powerful interviews on Channel 4 News yesterday from people who suffered while Number 10 partied. Yet, there are still plenty of folk tugging the forelock and defending their betters for quaffing champers while the plebs either toed the line or were fined for crossing it.

Where's Bear and his guillotines, when we need them?

The first ever Tharg's 3riller (that didn't even realize it was one) vs. the GI-teasing hospital in space that's somehow a perpetual war zone ...

... it's gotta be Mercy Heights, innit.

(Perhaps if there'd been a sequel: Go-Go Machine?)

Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« on: 13 January, 2022, 03:49:55 PM »
I have started to seriously consider my position in the US. It feel's like a coin flip at the moment between a fairly liberal society with some deep-rooted issues and a fascist dictatorship - depending on how the Republicans manage to fix the voting laws before the next election.

I think if they win it, by cheating, then they'll just change the laws even more so that they remain permanently in power. It's what Trump was trying to achieve last time - and he managed to get secret police onto the streets of Portland and almost managed to enact mob rule.

So - do I scarper back to Scotland and try to persuade my family to come with me? Or do I buy a gun to defend myself when the civil war happens? Or write a book about the madness of people who are trying to usher in a new dark age, before being executed by the new regime?

Probably just go for a walk...

Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« on: 13 January, 2022, 03:04:32 AM »

There's so much evil loose in the world right now and this is the focus of attention. To me it's just theatre, an emotional distraction from things that can't be talked about.

Dear Points of View: why-oh-why do people insist on talking about politics on The Political Thread?

General / Re: Sláine the role-playing game
« on: 12 January, 2022, 10:41:53 PM »
"All Slaine Stories written by Pat Mills"

And Dan Abnett (Wish You Were Here), Garth Ennis (Helter Skelter) and Alan McKenzie (The Indestructible Man).

Credit where credit's due, as I'm sure Pat would agree.

Blunt (not my favorite thrill) does gain extra points for turning the Landraider into a spaceship.

Anderson (Movie)

Off Topic / Re: Thought Police: Are we allowed to query 'woke'?
« on: 12 January, 2022, 06:45:25 PM »

General / Re: Forum's Favourite Thrill - checking in
« on: 12 January, 2022, 05:52:39 PM »

Nah, just kidding. Thanks for all the hard work, Colin.

Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« on: 11 January, 2022, 06:42:29 PM »
I know they won't, but wouldn't it be great if the police arrested Boris for fiddling while Rome burned.

Shimura could be fairly hit and miss but those artistic hits were out of the park.


If someone were to tell me there was more Medivac 318 or more Badlands next prog, I'd be more excited for Badlands.

I'm not very fond of either, but Bato Loco wins on attitude.

I've never been into Ocean's 11, but I enjoyed The Scrap, as an inventive little slice of dystopian nuttery. It's the Paranoia RPG, but with pathos.

Film & TV / Re: The Book of Boba Fett
« on: 10 January, 2022, 04:10:06 AM »
Once we were Warriors also known as What becomes of the Broken Hearted in some regions was Temura Morrisons break out roll, watch it if you haven’t he is a beast of a man in it who loves to booze and brawl and it’s a god damn tragic movie we’ll worth a couple of hours of your life).

Oh yeah - Once Were Warriors is brutally affecting.


Mini-Solo has never really hooked into Star Wars, but she sat down for The Book of Boba Fett - intrigued by Ming-Na Wenn's character Fennec Shand. For her, the flashback went on a little too long (I think because she wanted to get back to what Fennec was up to) - but I'm excited about the new generation getting into the Wars.

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