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Paul faplad Finch:
I was thinking it might be good to have a thread not based on any one book or series but just were people could post and say "this is what I'm reading at this moment. It's quite good/a bit crap"
If theres already one like it please direct me there and ignore this one. I had a quickk scan of the topics but if it's there I didn't see it.
For the record I always have 4 books on the go at once. A hardback that stays at home, a paperback that I cary with me everywhere I go, an American GN that sits by my bed and is read at the rate of one issue a night, and  a 2000ad GN that sits by the lav.A couple of episodes is just right for an average visit you see.

Current batch are : Blackguards by Nathan Long. Not loving it, 'twists' can be seen coming a mile off but I'll persevere. It should last until Unseen Academicals hits the shelves.

The Devil You Know by Mike Carey.  Very intrigued so far. Not far into it but looking good. Actually inspired to read this by a post by stacee on the forum. Cheers. After this it'll be the new(ish) one by Mark Billingham , In The Dark. Now theres a guy who can keep you guessing.

Sandman : Fables and Reflections. Pure Class but you don't need me to tell you that. Then Preacher: Alamo. Bit of trepidation there. Can the finale live up to the build up? Quietly confident Garth won't dissapoint.

And finally Robusters.  I was assured that the dreaded Mr. Mills was actually good back then. I was lied to. Tripe, and not even enjoyable tripe. I'll finish cos I started but I don't hold out much hope.  After that it's The VC'S  by Finley-Day. I'm sure he won't let me down.

So thats what I'm readin. What about you?

Roger Godpleton:
Maxed out library card today.

Words: Margaret Atwood, Wilderness Tales. Enjoying it. Read Paul Auster's Man in the Dark yesterday. Some enthralling sections but ultimately less than the sum of its parts. Has that City of Glass thing where he sets up a horrifying metaphysical scheme then seemingly gets bored and talks about something else, in this case a clumsy and unconvincing account of Western hostages in Iraq.

Comics: MK Library has a faintly irritating display about how "It's not all capes and superpowers" which results in lots of grown-up comics. Someone working there really enjoys the work of Jason and noSaw I've read pretty much everything he's done. At the bottom of the current pile (I organise it so that the books I most want to read are at the bottom) is Shenzhen by Guy Delisle. I read Pyongnang the other week and was blown away and I suggest you try and get hold of it.

I'm on with a few bits and bobs at the minute; reading the second Flashman, which is pure caddery and bounderhood in their most definite sense. Also have a bookmark in The Princess Bride marking my umpteenth reading, and for the past three years I have (very slowly) been working my way through Les Miserables, which is really good in many parts but then Hugo decides to send you off on a two-hundred page summary of exactly everything that happened at Waterloo in a colossal snoozefest so you have to go read about five Pratchetts just to clear your mental palette. Also, nobody's sung yet, which is really disappointing.

Finally, I've recently discovered Tiber Fischer, who was recommended to me in university but I never got round to reading until the other week. He's awesome, so I'll be hunting out a copy of the Thought Gang as soon as I can.

House of Usher:
It's with a mixture of pride and shame that I have to report I'm re-reading Paradise Lost. It was seeing Uriel as a fallen angel in Necrophim that drove me to it: "But but but.... that's just wrong!"


I'm tutoring a girl who's studying Animal Farm, so I read that again yesterday, and I've recently read Of Mice and Men, and I'm currently reading it with my adult ed. GCSE class.

Just finished All Star Superman 1+2 (Cheers MEG), Born Again and NOW I'm reading Miller and Steinewics ELECTRA! And AKIRA.

Want to read, WE3 next.


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