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Spencer Nero deals with the important issue of homelessness by brutalising a load of tramps, as you do.
Script by Greg Meldrum, art by Scott Twells

Have you backed the Kickstarter yet? Only days left.
You should, you know.


Wilford Brimley has a little cameo in Bludd & Xandi - only in PARAGON#31!

Back the Kickstarter - only 48 hours to go!


I only have ONE copy left of the 92 page hardback annual. If you want it, get along to the blogspot and bag it. Quick now!

Don't fret if you missed the Kickstarter - you can still buy one from the blogspot

Big cats! Abusive tramps! Brainless idiots! Aliens! Anthropomorphic heroes! Heavenly enforcers!
A comic of wonderfully weird heroes! Don't miss out!

I mean, why would you not want one?!

Treat yourself! What are you waiting for?!

Copies have been dropping through letterboxes throughout the land. Have you got yours yet?
Copies still available via the PARAGONcomic.blogspot 😀


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