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2000AD Forum Sketch Comp #4: SPECIAL BOLT-01 EDITION

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Dog Deever:
Good call.

Nice gesture.

I'm not going to disgrace the thread and this worthy project, by getting out the Microsoft Paint, but I thought I'd leave this photo here, from the 2000ad 40th celebration event in 2017. Dave is seen here with Eamonn Clarke, clearly having a great time.

I can't lay claim to knowing Dave well, but we did have a couple of art comp collaborations which involved me coming up with some random nonsense and Dave executing it far better that I could have envisaged. He was always kind with his time and talents and I remember him offering favourable words on my long gestated script 'Plan : Hit Earth'. So he was a dirty big liar too! Nah, just encouraging and tolerant.

I only met him twice at conventions and we shared a brief laugh and drink each time. Dave knew everyone and everyone was keen to be in his company. The work he has done in the small press community cannot be measured and his passing will leave a gulf that will never be filled.

I'm sorry his light has dimmed but he'll never be forgotten as long as people meet to drink and discuss comics. Condolences to all who were lucky enough to know him better than me and to his family, whom he clearly adored.

The Legendary Shark:

This is a wonderful idea, Jim, but I'm completely stuck. How does one praise the most praiseworthy of men?

I'm breaking all the rules, but as this is non-voting...

I'm sure Dave wouldn't have minded (if anything I'm sure Dave would've been dead excited) but I coloured his Kid Knee from the last comp.


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