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Monster Fun Issue 1 (Easter Special)

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It does seem that I just delurk to come on here and moan, but hey-ho...

Anyway, subbed immediately to Monster Fun when it was announced that it would be an ongoing thing last year - for me natch, but my middle son is a BIG old IPC/Fleetway fan, having devoured all my old comics and annuals in rapid fashion.

Big Tom Paterson fans as well, who wouldn't be, so surprised to see in the Issue 1 (or Easter Special as it appears to be) there was no sign of his work.

So getting the Thrill Mail this week I can say we are slightly put out to see there is a "webshop exclusive edition" with a lovely Tom Paterson cover and a Sweeny Toddler story!

Surely as subscribers we should have received this issue instead of the standard newsstand copy?

I've subbed to a lot of comics and mags in my time and subscribers always used to get special covers etc.

It's the same price as well so I don't feel I'd be asking for anything out of the ordinary.

Hopefully this is just an oversight and in the future loyal subscribers who've taken a chance paying upfront months ago aren't overlooked for these "exclusives".

Leaves a little sour taste in the mouth, esp seeing my sons face drop when his fave story is only available if we pay again for another copy!

Rant over, maybe I'll delurk to post something happy next time :D

"This limited Webshop edition of Monster Fun Issue 1 has an exclusive cover and a never before seen Sweeny Toddler comic strip written and drawn by Tom Paterson."

Does seem a bit odd. I wonder if there was a change of plan late on for some reason.

There definitely appears to be another teething issue with the comic - the barcode's apparently scanning in shops as £4.99 instead of £3.99.

I can honestly say that if I knew this was going to be the case I wouldn't have bothered subbing and would have bought the webshop copy to get the Sweeny story (and the nice cover).

I know there are other things to be getting upset about in this Krazy world (see what I did there), but I cannot get the image of my son's fallen face out of my mind.

Instead of what I imagine would have been an elated feeling from both of us had we got our sub copy through and it had turned out to be this webshop "exclusive" - though subbing in itself seems pretty exclusive if you ask me.

Maybe there was a limited number of webshop exclusives

I can’t even subscribe. There’s some webshop weirdness where it clashes with my existing 2000 AD sub. Mini-IP won’t be happy…


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