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Sideshow Vote II: You are my second favorite son, son

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When you visit this forum, we can all assume that you love two things: comics in general and 2000AD as your favorite comic publisher. Simple question who are your “second” favorite publisher of comics is?
-   DC
-   Marvel
-   Dark House
-   Dynamite
-   Image
-   Ahoy comics
-   IDW
-   AWA
-   Cinebook
-   Boom
-   Valiant
-   DC Thomson
-   I have one son only thank you
-   You missed my second favorite son his name is………

Colin YNWA:
I'm no longer a brand loyalist - used to be a big DC booster - but I don't really favour one publisher over another, though to be fair I probably read more Image than anything else these days.

All that said there is one publisher there that I probably favour more than any other on that list and its


Look, if I'm honest about where my monthly comis-spending money goes, it's almost certainly Marvel as my number 2.
BUT I'm only buying 1 or 2 from them at most these days, and if you consider how expensive chunky graphic-novel sized comics are, my second fave is gonna be in the more pretentious realm of D+Q or Fantagraphics.

Yeah, if my wallet is any judge it'll be Marvel. But that s largely due to Spidey, Daredevil, the FF, Thor and latterly Conan.

However, I'm constantly pissed off with the standard and presentation of modern comics, and if you want to know who I think is putting out the *best* titles on a regular basis, that'd be Aftershock and Cinebook.

So I'm going to say Cinebook so it has two votes.


Forgot about Aftershock so it is an option too


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