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Film Discussion / Re: Dredd - Box Office
« on: 24 September, 2012, 01:23:09 PM »

Well there's another site I won't be generating clicks for. Dunno about the rest of you, but I absolutely fucking detest being referred to as a "fanboy". As far as I'm concerned it's nothing but a derogatory term (esp. in gaming) and whoever wrote that can suck my balls.

Well said, I agree entirely. The term 'fanboy' is a load of arse, it implies you can't have a valid opinion on a subject you're into.

Dredd film is absolute quality and i'm sure it will generate enough in the long-term to secure at least one sequel (hopefully more)!

Cheers  :)

Off Topic / Re: Best Cover Version?
« on: 23 September, 2012, 04:33:24 PM »
There's an a cappella version of Rammstein's 'Du Hast' by the 'Viva Vox Choir' which can be found on You Tube (again sorry no link) which is worth checking out.


Off Topic / Re: Best Cover Version?
« on: 23 September, 2012, 11:59:09 AM »
Sepultura have done an amazing cover to The Prodigy song 'Firestarter' which can be found on the Kairos album. And for all you non-metal types there's a blistering cover of a Napalm Death song (Control) by Agoraphobic Nosebleed. Or if you prefer there's a cover of Soungarden's 'Rusty Cage' by Johnny Cash.

(sorry no links, my iPhone is shit!)

Cheers  :)

Website and Forum / Re: It's not fair old chap
« on: 22 September, 2012, 10:34:58 PM »

Website and Forum / Re: It's not fair old chap
« on: 22 September, 2012, 06:03:28 PM »
Can you sort me also please   :)

Off Topic / Re: Stupid things people have actually said to you.
« on: 18 September, 2012, 12:56:51 PM »
A customer picked up a case of a well known 'creamed rice' and then started moaning about the price (was 89p, now £1.05). My response was "yeah, money grabbing bastards". He then gave me a speech about rising prices of Rice trying to make it sound like he knew what he was on about. When he'd finished moaning I pointed to the cases of Custard on the very next pallet (same company, same price increase) and I said-"so what about the custard then? I suppose there's a world shortage of THAT as well"

His stony silence spoke volumes.

Like I said-money grabbing Bastards!

Cheers  :)

General / Re: ABC Warriors
« on: 18 September, 2012, 12:42:41 PM »
Khronicals of Khaos is excellent, easily my favorite ABC warriors story and one of the best stories 2000 AD has printed! In my humble opinion. But it already has the characters well established so you'll probably want one of the older ones (Black Hole)

Enjoy  :)

Music / Re: What's everyone listening to...?
« on: 18 September, 2012, 12:35:40 PM »
Capitalism is Cannibalism- a very short/old E.P by Anthrax (UK punk band, not American thrash legends)

Confrontation- Soilent Green.

Perfect lunchtime 'relaxation' tunes.

Cheers  ;)

Music / Re: What's everyone listening to...?
« on: 16 September, 2012, 04:30:05 PM »
Random tunes on my xbox hard drive. Napalm Death 'Aryanisms' just finished and followed up by The Beatles
'Love You To' (not 'love me do'), a sitar driven song that sounds amazing!

Nice  :)

Off Topic / Re: My God's bigger than your God!
« on: 16 September, 2012, 04:04:09 PM »

So my point is this -what is the point at all in believing ? Do they believe everyone above is damned for picking the wrong one or being ignorant of it YES/NO
If Yes-well thats a very cruel ,unfair and sadistic deity you believe in.
If No- then what does it matter?

The above also applies to those aware but not convinced their particular and/or any religion is right.

I used to think to myself 'how can people believe this' when it came to matters of Religion but it's no different than people who devote their lives to Scientific Endeavors in the sense that, ultimately, it all centers around the Human desire 'to know' just what the hell is going on.

I myself am an atheist who is deeply into science, politics, even Religion to a certain extent. Human existence has largely been centered around the worship of one deity or another and has helped shape our society (for better or worse)

Cheers  :)

General / Re: What is the standard age of 2000ad readers?
« on: 15 September, 2012, 09:50:21 AM »
34.  Quite like the idea of a 2000 ad themed funeral. Maybe a coffin designed to look like a Judges sleep machine (and in case I'm buried alive) some in-built entertainment.

Cheers  :D

Books & Comics / Re: Brass Sun interview with Ian Edgington
« on: 14 September, 2012, 01:12:31 PM »
I really enjoyed the first part of Brass Sun, more than I thought I would to be honest but it actually looks like it's going to be a winner!

Nice   :)

Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« on: 14 September, 2012, 01:07:18 PM »
The last Film/Turd I watched was 'Innocence of Muslims'.
A truly awful film of Epic proportions!!!

Cheers  :)

Off Topic / Re: My God's bigger than your God!
« on: 14 September, 2012, 12:50:17 PM »
There was a debate on this morning's 'Wright Stuff' (Chan 5) about a film called Innocence of Muslims and the protests/violence surrounding it.
Now then, I've watched this film on You Tube (the longest I found was just of 14 mins) and I have to say it's literally one of the worst films I've ever seen (surpassing the mighty turd which is 'The Video Dead').

The filming/acting (ha!) are so diabolically awful I almost switched it off (14 mins long, 2 was probably enough). The film actually looks like it's trying to offend people but then does that justify the level of tension/violence surrounding it? Probably not, I know Religion can be a personal thing to some people but 'killing in the name' ain't really a way forward.
Truly Crap!
Cheers  :)

Off Topic / Re: My God's bigger than your God!
« on: 13 September, 2012, 09:47:01 PM »

Kev mate my understanding is that "imnmaculate conception" refers to catholic teaching that Mary herself was born without the taint of "original sin."

Right, my mistake.

Cheers Prodigal  :thumbsup:

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