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Meg 435 - Waugh In Hell

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The Enigmatic Dr X:
Got my Meg, and there's no thread!

All a bit bland for me, but Angelic is fun and Waugh redeems it. Which, when you read it, is ironic... as hell.

So, what do we have:


This feels a bit like one of those stories where there's a threat of retaliation from another city and then it fades away. I hope not, but I honestly don't know if it's over or not. That can't be a good thing. And there's a fight which could have been a bit more Stan-Lee but is very perfunctory. Jury is out on this. Which can't be good, when the same jury is judge and executioner. Art feels a bit rushed too, especially the last two pages.


I feel this is too low key to grab my attention. It's a nice tale of Brit Cit's underbelly, and it's Dredd-world. But it's neither a high-octane thriller nor a character piece and suffers a bit for it.


This is fun. Nice judge at the end; not sure if this is alternate world or origin story, but I likes it.


I can't wait for this to end. It's confusing, random and seems to go nowhere. I can't tell the characters apart, the fact they were dead seems irrelevant, and for folks who have been through so much they are just too trusting. Haven't they seen any horror film ever?


This is the most fun thing in the Meg in ages. No spoilers, but the change in demeanour makes me think there is a Plan and I am enjoying it being unspooled. I look forward to seeing Devlin in hell - the mind boggles, dear boy!

The Enigmatic Dr X:
Oops. The bold bit was meant to be a spoiler

Cover by Alex Roland:

Cover and Logo:

At least this meg was better than the last month's issue. Both Angelic and Devlin is carrying the meg currently.  The Dredd story did pick-up. The rest is ok.


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