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Meg 435 - Waugh In Hell

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Colin YNWA:
Its not the best Meg BUT its wasn't that bad either. Not that bad at all. The Dredd was brisk and entertaining if not anything particularly new. solid. The Diamond Dogs just needs a re-run, there's a good story in there I'm sure. The Returners is great yes it feels like its bouncing everywhere, but that's part the joy, it roams around in a world of pure imagination and it has a strong story holding it all on a path. Artwise its a delight too. Angelic is a curious beast and while its at odds with what we know that's the fun and I really enjoyed this. Having a Judge as a baddy also makes great sense in the context of the series.

All of that is fine to good but DAMN Devlin Waugh is brilliant - just brilliant. Its a fantastic chilling thrill that has just twisted and turned the tension. Its scary and yet it also manages to raise a smile. And man Michael Dowling is just superb. What a thrill.

The other stuff is okay. Decent interviews, liked the one with Steve Roberts particularly. The Encyclopedia is something I will look through when its out to see how it hangs together when done.

Kot’s Waugh has its detractors, but it’s the sole Smith strip that I feel has really been done justice. It mixes up the action, the horror and the absurd of the Smith run. It feels like Devlin Waugh. Kek-W’s Indigo Prime came close, but still felt a bit like an imitation rather than the real thing, not least when he rolled in other characters. And I haven’t especially liked any other takes on Smith fare.

Beyond that, Angelic is an interesting retcon. Yes, it exists in what appears to be an entirely different take on that reality, but the story’s solid. Everything else in the Meg was readable, although nothing really stood out in the same way as those two tales.

Anybody else's Encyclopedia got a massive ink stain over the front left hand side and the back, covering most of the central text box?


Gorgeous art by Staz on Dredd. Very kinetic!

SBT: Nope. My floppy’s fine.


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