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Meg 438: Homeland Security

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--- Quote from: IndigoPrime on 17 November, 2021, 08:41:31 AM ---
--- Quote ---Pity that Si could not finish his story
--- End quote ---
Did he not get to? I thought this was the intended end of that strip?

--- End quote ---

Matt Smith scripted the last episode:

Really strong Meg, all the ongoing strips going out on a high and the Black Museum & Dredd one shots really did it for me this month. Lovely. Next month looks even better!


--- Quote from: broodblik on 17 November, 2021, 09:54:43 AM ---Matt Smith scripted the last episode
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Ah. I didn’t notice that. Here’s hoping Matt had an idea of where the series was going to end from Si. Even if not, I thought it ended well and was clearly in-keeping, since I didn’t notice the scripting switch.

The Mind of Wolfie Smith:
ales kot has been a fine and weirdly underrated writer for a good long while. and he clearly understands our parish, too ... his 'days of hate', collected in two volumes i think, is a superb and prescient statement on our messed up now.

Colin YNWA:
Well that was a fine issue. The only really down points are a floppie of little interest and the fact that The Returners end without Si Spencer, now the reason are unavoidable and very sad, I do wonder of the fact that Matt Smith is down as Script means that the story is Si Spencers? The end is gloriously dark however and I look forward to re-reading this one.

The Dredd is such joyous fun and the art astonishingly good. I smiled all the way through.

Tales of the Black Museum was a strong one off and delightful Nick Dyer art

Angelic ends really well, do we think that's the end end as I'm interested to see how this alternative take handles other stuff. If it does end here it does so well.

Cream of the crop though - and here it really has to be the cream as this is fantastic thrillage - is Devlin Waugh this has been a quite superb story and the finale is just the icing on the cake.We can debate and discuss whether DW should have continued without John Smith as much as we like. What we should respect is that this story has been brilliant in and of itself. From art to script to brutal, fitting ending its just been devine... well of course the wonderful opposite of devine, just brilliant.

The only things more astonishing is 2 great one offs and 3 stories all sticking there landing (all ably supported by two great ext pieces) is the fact I'm not sad this line-up has wrapped up cos the incoming one - in the X-Mas Prog, one exception aside has such glorious potential and LAWLESS will be back. Man good as Delvin Waugh has been its not (quite) that good!

Just a brilliant Meg!


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